Creative and easy pallet furniture plans – DIY furniture ideas

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You are quite aware of the fact that pallets are very robust, versatile and inexpensive. Therefore, various furniture items constructed from pallets are a hit and very popular of all who wish to follow the green and eco-friendly trend worldwide. You can make anything from pallets – you can even build a pallet house. Dining and coffee tables, beds, books and wine racks, lounge garden furniture can be crafted in a weekend. We have shown you original cardboard furniture DIY ideas, concrete block furniture ideas, and today we collected some great pallet furniture plans to help you in your DIY projects.

 Easy pallet furniture plans – ideas for cool outdoor furniture

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When talking about pallet furniture plans you need to know that pallets are very stable and are manufactured on a pre-defined standard. There are different types of pallets but any type would provide enough wood for your projects. Pallets have a simple construction, which is an advantage as you only need to cut some slats and not deconstruct the whole pallet if you want to build a bed, couch, sofa or coffee table.

easy pallet ideas outdoor furniture pallet sofa table chairs

DIY pallet furniture projects are especially suitable for outdoor use in the garden and on the balcony. Dining tables, picnic tables, chairs which can be placed around the firepit – you can construct them without much effort. If you wanted to go a step further, you could craft an outdoor lounge furniture set and decorate it with some colorful pillows and pads. In this way you will have a fantastic space for relax, meeting with friends and family or chatting with neighbors.

 patio furniture recycled wood seating area coffee table

Garden furniture and garden accessories from pallets are a great and inexpensive idea. You can find a lot of inspiration for your individual garden design! How about a swing bed made of pallets? It is more than certain that it will become a favorite place for your children. You can decorate your garden and patio area with a lovely, comfortable bench which will take only a few hours to construct.

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Easy pallet furniture plans and ideas for the home

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Besides outdoor and garden furniture there are fantastic pallet furniture plans for indoor furniture which add a unique atmosphere in every room. Crafting a table, for example, does not require special skills and will take you a couple of hours. Pallet furniture has a high ecological value and you will see some great ideas for a cozy sitting area. If you are a beginner you should choose a simple project, such as a coffee table. Depending on the design and dimensions of your project, you can use the pallets with very little changes. The ideas for pallet furniture are numerous – a decorative wall, a bed headboard which will add a rustic charm to your interior, a bookshelf or a wine rack which will help you store your wine collection or books.

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