DIY kids room decoration – 20 creative ideas

DIY Kids room decoration tree wall wallpaper pieces

Decorate your child’s room by integrating the things that your child enjoys the most and give the kid a place that would define his personality. Using simple materials, available at every craft store, along with a few simple tools, you can make beautiful decorations. Here we have put together 20 DIY kids room decoration ideas.

DIY kids room decoration – The furniture

DIY kids room decoration ideas red table pencil legs

Due to the fact that the interests of a child can change frequently, you should choose mainly wooden furniture, so that you can easily repaint it. Simple furniture pieces are suitable for boys and girls and are easy to modify in order to fit into various themes. Check the fantastic DIY kids room decoration ideas below.

DIY kids room decoration – be creative

DIY Kids room decoration green floral cabinet doors

You can paint the walls in any color to match the theme of the kids room. Use beautiful pictures of clouds, cars, dolls and a variety of wall stickers. Do not worry that the wall may become the focal point of the room, since you can always repaint the walls, when the interior and the decoration need to be changed.


Creative DIY kids room decoration clothes hangers  plastic cups

Use dolls, robots, cars or sports equipment in a creative way. Use these objects to complete the look of the kids room. A clock from color pencils, hot air balloons made ​​of paper lanterns, plastic glasses as coat hooks – DIY kids room decoration ideas are endless. And if you make the decorations for a child’s room by yourself, then the whole room would look more personal.

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DIY kids room decor ideas hot air balloons paper lanterns

DIY kids room decoration wallpaper remnants cabinet doors

DIY kids room decoration corkboard butterflies

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