DIY Table from wooden pallets – creative ideas for planters

table from wooden pallets plants home crafts ideas

We will show you several creative instructions on how to build a table from wooden pallets and pallet table plans which will help you in your DIY project. You can have creative garden furniture with little effort and cost. Let yourself be inspired by the creative proposals.

DIY Table from wooden pallets with Planter – Instructions

 Instructions table from wooden pallets planters

For this idea you will need 2-3 wooden pallets, depending on the table size and plants. You have two options – you can connect several pallets together and make a low coffee table from them, or you can use the wood from the pallets for a high garden table. The advantage of the low table is that it can also be placed on the balcony. The cats are sure to enjoy these ideas about design. In addition, the plants loosen butterflies and birds, so you will surely benefit from these designs. The table from wooden pallets with planter above is made of two pallets that are secured together. A board has been removed from the wooden pallet above. In the resulting free space moss and soil was placed. Finally the table was planted and decorated with pebbles. Ready!

Table from wooden pallets – creative ideas for balcony and garden

DIY table from wooden pallets planted garden

This table from wooden pallets was sanded and repainted. In one end of the table, a hole was cut out for a planter. The vessel was then integrated into the design – the bottom line is impressive and inspired by the creative writing. By recycling and the plants an eco-friendly design was created. Take a look at the other options for garden table:

Wooden table for the balcony – fresh spring flowers

small table balcony planters design ideas

Table from wooden pallets- sanded and repainted

Table planter design ideas mini garden

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DIY table from wooden pallets plants

 Small coffee table made of wooden pallets – perfect for small garden

DIY Table planter ideas

Plants in the garden table – cozy patio furniture

DIY table from wooden pallets garden furniture

Concrete and metal frame – as an option

concrete Garden table and metal planters

Materials for construction – wooden table from pallets

DIY table from wooden pallets decorating ideas

Construction manual – table from wooden pallets for the garden

table from wooden pallets DIY instructions

Wooden table in the garden and creative ideas for making your own one

table from wooden pallets homemade planter

 Wooden furniture to build yourself – a table with integrated planter

creative wooden garden table planters

 Furniture for pets – planted table on the balcony for the cats

Furniture animals garden table plants cats


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