Ideas for creative use of wooden pallets in the garden

wooden pallets garden use red blue flower pots
The wooden pallets in the garden have become very popular lately. Craftsmen and designers create furniture, houses, garden benches and garden furniture made of used pallets. When disassembled, they can be used as fuel or as a building material. The possibilities of the using pallets in the garden for creative and attractive projects are almost endless.

Wooden pallets in the garden – organization system for garden tools

wooden pallets ideas garden tools order
The wooden pallets are very robust, but can withstand almost all weather conditions, which makes them particularly suitable for the garden. People have used pallets to build a garden shed, chairs and couches, beds, walkways through a garden, fences, patios, birdhouses, and even guitars. Most pallets are made of hardwood, and once sanded and cleaned, a pallet is simply a free timber.

Wooden pallets in the garden – raised flower beds

wooden pallets garden ideas flowers raised flower bed

The raised bed gardening eliminates many of the problems of traditional gardens in rows. You can fill the flower bed with soil and you will be sure that it will be free of weeds. It is easier to plant, weed, water plants, and harvest crops. No wonder they are so popular! The wooden pallets are a great option for use in raised beds.

Furniture sets for the garden

wooden pallets garden ideas bench planter combination

You can even combine two creative ideas into one. As this brilliant garden furniture set with seating and planters.

Recycled wooden pallet, painted red

wooden pallets garden ideas balcony red paint

A wall of pallets

wooden pallets garden wall build garden water feature

Wall with integrated fountain 

 pallets garden design wall fountain

Garden furniture made of wooden pallets 

DIY wooden pallets garden patio furniture

wooden pallets garden fence clever idea

patio furniture ideas pallets outdoor bar

DIY garden bench ideas blue pallets

pallets garden fence building lanterns planter

garden path ideas dismantled pallets wooden slats stones

garden furniture ideas pallets chairs

garden decoration ideas colorful painted pallets

wooden pallets ideas patio furniture sofa daybed ideas

pallet furniture ideas patio furniture patio decoration ideas
outdoor furniture ideas pallet wood table DIY
garden furniture ideas pallet wood garden fence
backyard furniture white pallet wood sofa decorative pillows

pallet frame garden lighting marmalade jars candles

DIY pallets furniture set patio terrace

wooden pallets vertical garden clay pots


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