DIY marquee letters – great ideas for festive decorations

DIY marquee letters ideas party decoration ideas fun crafts

Marquee letters are not cheap but you could make them by yourself. DIY marquee letters are a great idea as a decoration for the home or as a festive decor for various special occasions. The glowing letters add mood and can be used as a non-traditional source of light or can be an original way to deliver a loving message to someone you love.

DIY marquee letters – an easy craft idea

marquee lights DIY fun crafts cool home decorations

The cute letters can decorate a housewarming party, a birthday, a wedding party or a New Year celebration. DIY marquee letters made of cardboard paper or paper mache, are an easy craft project.

marquee letters ideas DIY love sign valentine day decoration

Marquee letters can be crafted from wood, plywood or metal as well but you will need some special tools like drill and a jig saw, but we shall talk about the easiest type – letters made of cardboard paper.

DIY marquee letters teen bedroom decorating ideas

You need to make sure that marquee letters made of paper are fixed well and will not fall from the shelf. Depending on the number of letters you plan to craft, such a project may take one or more hours. The most important element for such a project is choosing the right glue. You will need:

how to make marquee letters DIY instructions materials

  • Scissors
  • Quick-dry glue
  • Penknife
  • Punch
  • cardboard paper
  • Templates of letters
  • strings of lights
  • Ruler

DIY marquee letters – follow the instructions

Marquee letters craft process instructions

Print out the letters on colored paper and cut them out.

DIY marquee letters craft ideas home decoration ideas

Cut a strip of 5 cm. These strips will be the sides of the letters. Glue them one by one to the letter – so you cannot go wrong with the number and length of the strip. You may want to paint the letters and a spray paint will do the trick nice and easily.

marquee letters bulbs DIY craft ideas

Using a pencil, mark the place where the lights will be located and pierce holes. Do not make the holes too big, because the bulb will fall out. Tuck in any excess cord inside. Glue the back side of the letters and wait for the glue to dry.

DIY marquee letters ideas creative craft ideas

After the glue is dry your letters are ready to plug in and display!


Marquee letters are a fantastic decoration for a wedding party

wedding party decorating ideas marquee letters DIY fun decoration ideas

A cute way to congratulate newly weds

wedding party decoration ideas marquee letters DIY craft ideas


The perfect decoration for a teen party


fun decorating ideas DIY marquee letters party decoration

Big or small, marquee letters are always fun


DIY marquee letters party decorating ideas

A glittering welcome for the baby


DIY light marquee letters cool decoration ideas

DIY marquee letters fun crafts ideas party decoration


marquee letters DIY how to make marquee letters


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