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Vanguard house dining room area interior

A dining room is usually a classic room with a large dining table and a pair of some comfortable plain chairs. This is the classic variant of the average dining room but here we do not talk or observe any classic things because contemporary interior design nowadays is focalizing on the eccentricity and oddness. A stylish dining room from these days comes with some extra ordinary decors, with vanguard furniture and with queer palette. When it comes to the style of the vanguard dining room, we think of the minimalism at first – the minimalistic style is the first association.

Elegant dining room design


Elegant dining room design

There are hundreds of reasons proving that, after all, minimalistic furniture and decors are the most attractive and impressing. Nevertheless, you can always improvise with some Baroque elements – for instance a gorgeous crystal chandelier with silver ornaments – or with some Greek ancient collection of cups, vases and other authentic vessels. Stylish vanguard dining room can be also achieved by furnishing it with a striking and uncommon combination of a dining table and chairs – in other words by being creative and risking with the main elements in this room of the house.

Dining room interior


Japanese style dining room interior

The table, actually, can be even not a dining but a low unusual table in a contemporary style. For a better effect you can even decorate the dining room in Japanese style by leaving the room without chairs but with some decorative pillows or soft mini carpets arranged in front of a quadrate table with golden motives. For a vanguard atmosphere in your home dining room you can bring some cool decors, find them in the specialized shops such as the antiquarian or the souvenir ones.

Minimalist modern dining room


Minimalist modern dining room

A collection of knives or some old and expensive paintings are the perfect decoration for the wall. In front of the dining table and the chairs for your family members you can place a sofa with a decorative glass table to full the spacious dining room if you are a lucky man to owe such. Find the perfect illumination for your stylish dining room and make the look more vanguard by installing two chandeliers – a main one above the dining table and a small one next to the front door. Improvise and have a nice meal later!
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Black and white dining room interior

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