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Modern dining room

The dining room is where every night gathers the whole family. These welcome guests, people talk while eating. The furniture of the room should be done with care and taste , to be comfortable and to attract positive energy.Not all modern homes have a separate dining room. New trends in architecture are the dining area is combined with living room and kitchen. In such cases, the specialists of ancient Chinese philosophy of feng shui recommend to form separate zones. The aim is to break the space and do not mix energy. This will attract good luck and financial prosperity of the family. If the living room and dining room are on different levels, it is the dining room is higher than daily. The opposite situation can be remedied by higher plants in the dining room.

Dining room furniture


Dining room furniture

Ideally, the dining room is a separate room and is located between the kitchen and living room. In this case it is the center of the home. Dining table and chairs must be located in the middle of the room and do not obstruct the free access of people and the movement of chi. According to the requirements of good Feng Shui is the shape of the table is round, oval or square. Roundtable creates a sense of equality. The location of the oldest person in the family is the short side of the rectangular table. An chairs are an even number. Odd number of seats creates conflicts in the family. Number of other furniture such as buffets and cabinets must be minimal.

Feng Shui dining room


Feng Shui dining room furniture

The furniture is made with the necessary furniture that are in addition to the function room. Wood is the preferred material in the dining room. According to Feng Shui wooden furniture tend Yin and create a sense of stability and peaceful mood. Not recommended for tables with glass top. However, if the family has a glass table, it is of every man to put an individual tray from natural materials.

Dining room mirror


Dining room mirror

Large mirror on one wall is a very good solution according to Feng Shui. It creates a sense of space from reflected rays. In addition, doubling the family prosperity reflected in it by food on the table. Health problems can have people who eat in the dining room with ceiling beams. In this case it is better to hide the beams with a suspended ceiling.
Good people to know the Feng Shui. Chinese philosophy allows you to organize properly in home design.
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Colorful Feng Shui dining room


Modern Feng Shui dining room

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