Designer and aesthetic decisions in furnishing a dining-room


Minimalist dining room interior and furniture

Furnishing a dining room requires a personal approach of creativity.

The furniture arrangement in the room should be chosen carefully, so as to create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. The first step is establishing a representative outlook to the place. The two major conditions for this to be possible are order and cleanliness. The separate interior elements have to be placed appropriately according to the architectural structure of the room.

Dining room furniture


Modern minimalist dining room furniture set

Choosing matching elements may not be an easy task, since the dining room is a place, where there is not only a diversity in furniture, but also in different kinds of appliances and decorations. The first choice is that of appropriate configuration, which would ensure above all comfort. For this purpose elegantly crafted pieces of storage furniture are commonly chosen, such as cupboards, stands of shelves, sometimes with added relief or colour decorations.

Modern dining room decoration


Modern dining room decoration and wooden furniture

A good decision for this kind of furniture is glass doors, which give the opportunity for all dishes and utensils to be easily found, if misplaced. There is also room for aesthetic approach towards their choosing and arranging, which can turn them into part of the decoration. The decorative elements must not be too many, so the place wouldn’t get overcrowded. Minimalistic elements, such as vases, candelabras and rosettes, are popular decoration.

Dining room


Dining room with bright color schemes design

The colour range in the dining room is rich. Pale and pastel tones are suitable for the walls, since they create a comfortable and tranquil atmosphere. Light tones are appropriate for the furniture. Since they are often made of natural resources, good choices of dark nuances are oak and chestnut. In decoration, golden and silver shades may be used, as well as brighter colour schemes.

Dining room with chandelier


Minimalist dining room with modern furniture and chandelier

Lighting is a key element to establishing a positive outlook. The place’s geometric shape is important for the equal light spreading. If the walls are symmetrical, a good idea is to place a chandelier with a large number of light bulbs in the middle of the room. If the architectural configuration is otherwise, a chandelier can be placed near one end of the room and a lamp with a covered globe can be placed on the opposite wall.
If the dining-room is transitional with another room, you can place a painting on the wall, which faces the room’s entrance. It should not be too big and ostentatious. Appropriate types of paintings are still life paintings and those, which have large objects, such as buildings and mountains on the foreground. Another option is placing a wind-chime near the window. With well chosen additions, you will establish your own aesthetic style.

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