Best dining rooms 2011


Dining room design in modern style

Best dining rooms for 2011.  2011 is almost gone and as the tradition goes, we, usually, go back the last twelve months to make some deductions of all good things we have went through, what we have received and learned during these months. Almost the same tradition is inculcated in the interior design world – all critics and designers get together to make some really important conclusions – who did it best, who was good at his job and who did not achieve anything in the every year plan of making people`s houses more beautiful, comfortable and modern. Today, we will show you the best masterpieces in the dining room interior design ideas.
They are stylish and cozy – with contemporary composition of the room and some fresh views for the lovely decoration in the dining room and the nice atmosphere needed for a spending dinner and a warm lunch with family.

Luxury dining room


Luxury dining room with crystal chandelier

Starting with the first interior design idea for the living room, we may say that this year has brought the luxury and magnificence into the dining room. The shine from the terracotta floor combines with the gorgeous crystal chandelier and the pearl walls. The refined atmosphere is stressed with some bourgeois chairs and double-planed table – covered all with white roses – the symbol of the subtlety and pure love.

Modern dining room


Modern dining room interior design

Second interior design idea for a dining room combines the comfortableness with the contemporariness. A simple and elegant dining room brings the warm mood for family meals. Classic stylish furniture is collaborating with an eccentric service, which consists of wine glasses and weird ceramic plates. The camera in the corner make us know that this room is inhabited by artistic people who need to memorize all good things in their life by shooting photos – all those photos could be the best decors in the next year best dining rooms.

Beautiful dining room


Beautiful dining room interior

Creative and convenient are the two words we can say about the last two suggestions for a dining room, as well. The common thing between them is the classicism in the interior design – it shows that according to the designers, when it comes to dining room, the most important is to make the room specious and cozy enough for preserving the family spirit and energy.

Elegant dining room


Elegant dining room interior design

The accent in the decoration of both dining rooms is the presence of a mirror – it is a new, contemporary approach in the dining room interior design and it makes the environment really exciting and elegant.


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