Dining in the living room

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Dining in the living room


Modern loft dining room

In modern architectural plans kitchen, dining room and living room are united in a common room. The aim is to provide more bedrooms in the house and living area is in an area.Position in the living room is usually in the middle of the room and often no window to the dining table. This requires a deficit of sufficient natural light to compensate with lights. Good lighting is important for every room. It creates comfort. The dining room is dark and unpleasant, if the light is weak. Three lights over the table will provide comfort to people with eating. Lighting fixtures combined with the style of the room. They complement the design. So the choice has to be careful. The goal is to have practical and beautiful.

Contemporary dining room

The dining room can be divided into visually separate places with different floor coverings. Beautiful carpets imported spirits in the room and make it complete. Sometimes people buy carpet for your home during a trip to an exotic country. Thus, the design comes from a long journey souvenir. The choice of flooring for the floor is big enough market. It is consistent with the taste of the family.Split the room can be achieved with different colors of one of the walls or lining of wood, stone. This achieves a breaking space and overcome the monotony. At the same time both areas successfully merged with accents in the same or shading tones. Good effect occurs when the nuances of textile curtains repeat the chairs.

Modern dining room

The place to eat in the living room near the kitchen. The idea is to convenient serving and bridge the gap. Often the kitchen and dining room are separated by a bar. Its function is to split optical zones. Moreover, it is practical with cupboards and drawers for storing utensils. Good decision table and bar are made of identical materials. Option is a component of glass and aluminum from the table to repeat the bar.Place daily in the dining room should be carefully chosen. The goal is to have sufficient space for eating and not to restrict access to other areas in the room.

Dining room


Dining room placed in living area

Modern living room

Interior design in the modern dining roomInterior design in the modern dining room Interior design in the modern dining roomInterior design in the modern dining room
Interior design in the modern dining room
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