How to Design a modern dining room


In modern apartments dining is usually united with kitchen and living room. But even in homes with separate kitchen rarely distinct separate dining room.

The most common place for eating in the living room.Modern design dining is consistent with the needs and demands of people. The requirement is that it is comfortable and attractive. The furniture is selected according to space. Bulky furniture oppressive influence in a small room. The design of contemporary dining room combines natural and synthetic materials. The combination of wood and glass is impressive and stylish. Translucent glass top dining table conveys lightness and spaciousness.

Wooden floor and rug


Dining room with wooden floor and rug

Typically, the flooring is parquet flooring or laminate that is easily maintained and inexpensive. Less commonly used tiles or marble. Beautiful carpet on the wooden flooring is a great solution. It changes the entire look of the room brings warmth and comfort. Bright accessories also create mood. Beautiful vases, pots of live flowers, fancy lamps are wonderful addition to the design. Works of art such as paintings and exquisite small statues underline style of the people.The requirement for furniture in the dining room is to attract attention. This is achieved successfully decorated in neutral colors. The aim is to highlight the beauty of table, chairs and sideboard.

Dining room furniture


Dining room furniture

Table with clean shapes and comfortable chairs are mandatory dining room furniture. The requirement is to have chairs placed so that there is sufficient distance. They are usually padded with solid tissue to avoid conflict with colorful carpet. Buffet cabinet and storage devices are the other furniture in the room alone. The market offers a beautiful set. Alternatively they can be custom designed depending on the room and customer requirements. Imported wood furniture and comfort.


Contemporary dining room design

Lighting is very important in contemporary design. It turns dark room in a nice room. The great room looks cozy with appropriate lighting. Beautiful chandelier over the table finishing up the furniture. In some cases, over the dining table hang two or three lamps. Popular lamps are directing a beam or embedded in a wall niche. They emphasize fine works of art.


Bright dining room design

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