Stylish dining room tables by Ign.Design


Dining Room tables are what bring us together for a nice conversation with a glass of wine and a special meal.

We just cannot ignore the center of communication as this piece of furniture is all about. Having a nice dining table makes home a better place for us and our guests. If we stress on such “small” things in our life then maybe we would live happier as all these small things do constitute our living. A dinner with friends at home is always a nice occasion to spend our time over the modern new dining room table.

Wooden dining room tables by Ign.Design


Ign.Design is a company specialized in solid wood furniture and manufactures elegant dining room tables and beds. The furniture is made of rough boards that are polished and lacquered so as to confer resistance and glamor. At the same time they preserve their natural look and it’s easy to combine this wood with different other elements.

Elegant dining room tables


The elegant dining room tables by Ign.Design are high-grade solid wood tables designed by artists like Christiane von Savigny and Michael Stratmann. They take advantage of the natural resources of this traditional material’s natural, grainy appeal, which is in contrast of elements like avant-garde metal or what the company describes as “archaic” concrete. The dining room tables by Ign. Design are a mix between modern and traditional, carefully manufactured and finished as the result is the intended outcome of studied natural ambiance. These dining room tables are large and substantial and easily steal the spotlight in the room. All you need is a dozen dinner guests and the atmosphere will be complete. You can complement them with your favourite modern art, some simple chairs or other pieces of furniture. You can check them out when visiting Ign.Design. A new solid wood dining table is an ideal part for your dining room and its presence will always be appreciated by your guests.



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