The Phantom Table – an artistic approach to dining table design

dining table design Floating phantom table

Look at the Phantom – a table that will bring a smile to your face. Yes, you are looking at a really artistic approach to dining table design. A table has always been of great importance in any home not only for having a meal or a drink. There we have our moments with family, friends, we celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, engagements and most importantly – this is the place where we communicate with each other and all of us gather around it.

The inspiration for the Phantom dining table design

phantom table standing tablecloth surface

The table is designed by German architectural studio GRAFT and the inspiration came form the iconic movie scene in which the dress of Marilyn Monroe was blown by a ventilator and hat scene has become a legend ever since. And there was the idea for a dining table design – something to float in the air, to save the best moments of our days. And lets admit it – all of us could do with a little bit more magic every day.

The magic behind a dining table design

Floating phantom table stable construction

Looking at the Phantom table we see this perfect white tablecloth floating in the air and expect to see a regular table underneath …. and Voila! There is no such, it was never there. It is an invisible Phantom. Isn’t that a magnificent piece of magic? So, what’s behind the magic? A perfect dining table design – a table made of carbon fiber glass and plastic with an airy appearance. The Phantom table (height 75 cm, top 300 x 120 cm, overall dimensions 390 x 190 cm) is quite solid and stable. It is a limited edition and only nine of these were ever made.

The most important message that GRAFT designers send us, however, is that not the table is important, but much rather the people sitting around it!

glossy service phantom table exhibition

  The Phantom table set for dinner

Floating phantom table set dinner

 Phantom table in an exhibition show

dining table design stablility phantom table

The floating of the Phantom table in an exhibition show 

dining table design glossy phantom

Phantom table has been in many exhibition shows

dining table design Floating phantom exhibition


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