The elegant appeal of modern dining room design

large modern dining room

Modern dining room design represents a combination of simple geometry, contrast and stylishness fused together to create an elegant classy look.

Being open to the rest of the living areas in the home, the modern dining room often has to be in harmony with the rest of the design and has enough space around it to be able to “breathe”.

The dining space should include a set of table and chairs in the center and some decoration. White and black will be your best friends in the elegant modern dining room design and wood, glass and metal – your main materials. The floor in the dining area is usually a continuation of the floor in the rest of the living areas. Wooden floors imply warmth and can be well polished for a classier look.

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There can be a carpet placed right under the dining table to act like a decoration piece and protect the flooring. For an even more elegant sense a white or dark tiled floor can be chosen for the area. The surrounding walls should be painted white or another pale color to make the space feel bigger and lighter. The furniture itself is an essential part for it holds the heart of the dining area and has the main function in the room.

Luxury brown decor dining room

brown luxury dining room decor

The table and chair set brings most of the elegance to the place with its smooth lines and contemporary materials. It is best to use wooden upholstered furniture or leather furniture with metal structure. Every modern shape is appropriate, as long as it has long back and smooth simple lines; curves are also welcome. As for the table it is best to be of the same set as the chairs but can also be different. Wood and metal are good for the structure and glass or polished wood for the table top. The final touch to the modern dining room design would be to set up some decoration that goes with the rest of the place. A few pictures on the wall and a nice vase should work just fine.

By K.H.Hristova

White dining room design and furniture

white modern dining room idea

white kitchen dining room

white dining room

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white kitchen dining room

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outdoor dining area bamboo

modern dining room idea

modern dining room idea

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