Valentine’s Day Themed Party


Themed tea party ideas

This clever idea turns Valentine’s Day into a fantastic event that combines fun food treats, fabulous inventive decorations, delightful gifts and activities. There is something to please everybody that attends this Valentine’s Day Themed Party. Lewis Carroll’s world famous ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is the inspiration for this event and the concept. Using this general idea you could create a themed Valentine event based on any suitable fictional character.

Whimsical Valentine’s Day Themed Party

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Valentine`s day romantic tee party


In ‘Alice in Wonderland’ there is of course the crazy occurrence of the ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’. Images featured here show how the traditional English tea party has been adapted to reflect the romance of Valentine’s Day. Pinks and reds dominate the color scheme of this whimsical table setting. Freshly cut roses, playing cards and even the shape of the sandwiches and cakes cleverly reflect ‘Wonderland’ imagery.

Ideas for Romantic Valentine`s day Tee Party

Valentine`s day themed party - food ideas


Tea for Two

Ideas for Valentine`s day themed party


In keeping with the tea party theme, these fun party invitations are actually made to look like funky Tea bags, how clever is that?

Making Instructions

Type your event information in a Microsoft Word document and print it onto small square piece of card stock approx 11 cm x11cm. Place the card inside a small glassine paper bag and fold the top two corners of the small bag backwards as shown . Then, fold over the top of the bag and staple it shut. To really make it resemble a tea bag, punch a hole at the top, then add a length of chord and a decorated tag. Here is the template for the polka dot T bag wrapped

Suitable Seating for Kings and Queens!

Valentine`s day decoration ideas for the table


The theme of playing cards has been continued through to the seating. Chairs have been decorated with bold covers showing the four playing card suits. This transforms them into ‘Wonderland’ thrones that are perfect for this Valentine’s Day themed party

Inviting Valentine Cakes

Tee party love cakes


No tea party is complete without cakes. Here pink frosted cup cakes have been selected to suit the romantic occasion and the color scheme. To maintain the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ imagery, labels have been attached to each cake with the famous words “Eat Me”. So the thread of this Valentine’s Day Themed party continues…..

Its All in the Details

Romantic Valentine`s day tee party ideas


Charm your guests by spreading small details relating to you theme, around place settings Here the presence of‘Alice in Wonderland’s famous White Rabbit has been introduced using symbolic antique pocket watches, not genuine of course!

Valentine’s Day Themed Party Garland

Valentine`s day decoration ideas



Here a deck of playing cards has been transformed into a festive garland that suits the Alice in Wonderland Theme. This makes the perfect backdrop for the party festivities

This fun garland is so easy to make using a hole punch and either string or ribbon. The idea can be adapted to any theme using appropriate imagery printed onto card.
Magical Valentine Love Potions

Tea party drinks are even more fun if they are presented in individual bottles or decanters. Here the red and white arrangement fits in perfectly with the party color scheme and looks more lively with the addition of jaunty red and white striped drinking straws. Of course the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ theme is extended even further through the crafty labels tied to the bottles which read “Drink Me”. For children use red fruit or soft drinks of course, but for adults red wine packs more of a punch, or even champagne!

Themed Party Favors

Romantic tee party ideas


Super party favors have been created on a budget. These continue the Valentine’s Day themed party idea through color and ‘Wonderland’ imagery. Packs of cards are simply decorated with red and white striped string. Useful tins have been converted into pretty trinket boxes with the addition of reproduced ‘Alice’ illustrations. To make an extra special gift the playing cards could of course be placed inside the illustrated tin!

This is just one idea that has grown and developed into a magical Valentine’s Day themed party. Using a similar approach you could stage your own imaginative themed Valentine event.

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