Unique Halloween costumes ideas that will make you a true star

Witch King of Angmar Unique Halloween costume ideas movie heroes

Unique Halloween costumes excite our imagination for months before Halloween itself. There is a very good reason for that, of course. The costume is a way to be unique with a bright individuality and after all they are a part of the atmosphere of the event. We have collected 25 fabulous Halloween costume ideas, most of which are inspired by the most successful and popular movies.

 Unique Halloween costumes for a Hollywood glamor

unique Hallowenn costumes Halloween party costume ideas

With Halloween just around the corner finding the perfect costume can be really stressful. If you are going to a Halloween party, you can not do without an awesome costume. It is the obligatory attribute of the holiday.Costume websites and stores offer plenty of designs, but sometimes they lack creativity and individuality and there is always a risk of someone else wearing the same costume. Some of the best and unique Halloween costumes are based on famous movie characters and symbols of the holiday, and we have collected 25 ideas for you.


Movie characters and unique Halloween costumes

Halloween costume ideas movie characters unique costimes

Original and unique Halloween costumes, without any doubt, will distinguish their masters from the crowd. So, when choosing the right image for the holiday you should be trying to make the right impression. Do you want to be evil, and your costume – scary? Maybe you are a fan of the latest Hollywood productions? Well, this is a vast choice and you can opt for characters from The Lord of the Rings to Frozen. Check these creative ideas for unique Halloween costumes and get inspired for the holiday.


unique halloween costume ideas rain cloud

 Avatar costume for the Halloween party

Unique Halloween costumes movies inspired Avatar

Unique Halloween costume idea – Maleficent

unique Halloween costumes ideas movies Maleficent

 A famous movie inspired costume – Braveheart

Unique Halloween party costumes movie heroes William Wallace Braveheart

Skeletons and zombies are always popular for Halloween

Unique Halloween costumes skeleton

 An original costume which does not require much effort

Unique Halloween costumes Jack Skellington the nightmare before Christmas

 A Halloween costume inspired by Brave

unique Halloween costumes inspired by movies Brave

The black swan costume will look spectacularly

halloween costume movie characters black swan unique costumes Halloween party

unique Halloween costumes inspired by movies Lord of the Rings

Unique Halloween costumes ideas Aela The Huntress Halloween party costume ideas

Unique Halloween costumes Halloween party Skyrim

Unique Halloween costumes couples movie characters

Unique Halloween costumes and make up ideas women

unique Halloween costumes and make up ideas for men

Unique Halloween costume ideas famous movie characters Hobbit

The Joker Halloween costume ideas men scary costume ideas

movie heroes halloween costume ideas corpse bride

Legolas Halloween costume ideas original costumes

Halloween costume ideas movie charachetrs

Gandalf the Wizard Halloween costume ideas movie characters

Aragorn Lord of the rings unique Halloween costume ideas famous movie characters

unique Halloween costumes women joker

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