Scary Halloween costumes – all time favorite classic characters


Scary Halloween costumes, as well as pumpkins,are symbolic for Halloween.Initially it was thought that the costume should scare the evil spirits so that they do not desire a living soul, but over time these traditions are no longer valid, and the people began to wear spooky and scary costumes more in the spirit of a Halloween carnival.

 Scary Halloween costumes and characters

scary halloween costumes ideas Clown blood Halloween party costumes

We have collected some of the most popular Halloween characters and scary Halloween costumes. The zombies’ roots can be traced back to in the religious rituals of voodoo practiced by the inhabitants of Jamaica, Trinidad, Cuba and other Caribbean islands, as well as West Africa. The most famous of all the vampires is the Count of Dracula, although legends of blood-sucking creatures, hunting for fresh blood, were known in Babylon and ancient India. Skeletons are another Halloween symbol and they draw the attention of some of the most famous artists and designers. Wearing a skeleton costume for Halloween will make sure that you are not out of fashion at all. Ghosts are especially popular not only with adults but with children as they can be anything from funny to horrifying.

Scary Halloween costumes, make up and masks

Scary Halloween costume and make up ideas for girls

For those who are not afraid to try on scary Halloween costumes of evil spirits and other characters from the other world, a scary Halloween mask is the right accessory. The variety is so wide that you may find it hard to choose. Horror Halloween masks, scary witch costumes, will save you from putting on a make up, especially if you are not very good at that. Nevertheless, splashes of red paint will successfully imitate blood and the variety of tutorials will give you some really good, spooky and scary ideas!


Scary Halloween costumes for teen girls women beetlejuice

The Corpse bride costume for teen girls and women

Scary Halloween costumes for teen girls women corpse bride

A horrible scary mummy costume for Halloween

cool horror halloween costume mummy

A zombie costume for kids’ spooky Halloween party

scary zombie Halloween costumes ideas for kids

Another idea for scary Halloween costumes for children


Vampire costume for Halloween

vampire Halloween costumes ideas scary costumes

Wicked witch costume ideas

scary Halloween costume ideas make up ideas wicked witch

An evil clown Halloween costume

Creepy Halloween costume evil clown purple blue costume

Skeletons are a popular character at Halloween time

horror creepy skeleton Halloween costumes ideas

Horrible creature Halloween costume

creepy Halloween costume horror-creatures

scary horror costumes adults halloween costumes ideas

scary halloween costumes masks ideas horror masks

Scary Halloween costumes ideas clown

scary halloween costumes ideas the exorcist halloween make up

Scary Halloween costume girls women

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creative scary halloween costumes for couples

horror Halloween costumes ideas hooded man

Halloween costume scary costumes make up ideas

Halloween costume It horror creatures costumes

Creepy scary Halloween costume ideas Halloween make up ideas

creepy clown costume scary Halloween make up ideas

Angel of death scary costumes Halloween party ideas


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