Halloween makeup ideas 2015 – tips and tricks for the perfect make-up

Halloween makeup ideas 2015 phoenix gold red make up idea

The finishing touch to every costume is the suitable makeup. Halloween is getting closer, so you have to start preparing. If you do not like to dress up, you can simply accent on the makeup. See our easy scary makeup ideas and Halloween witch makeup ideas 2016 and you would find something suitable for you. The make up can be as extravagant as you wish – feathers, rhinestones, artificial eyelashes, colorful contact lenses – everything is allowed, just let your imagination go wild.

Halloween makeup ideas 2015 – original makeup ideas


halloween makeup ideas 2015 DIY Halloween make up day of the dead

Halloween makeup ideas 2015 will continue the trend for attractive makeup based on the the Day of the Dead theme – the holiday that celebrates the relationship between life and death. This day has inspired numerous artists and make-up professionals for Halloween makeup ideas. The traditional spooky skull has been completely modified in recent years.

halloween makeup ideas 2015 vampire make up and costume

After the “Twilight” saga everyone would like to feel a vampire at least for a night. Vampire makeup is easy. You need a good light base to look like dead and dull shadows, which can dim your eyes. For a more realistic impression you can add different shades on your face. Colored lenses will enhance the effect and a little fake blood will add the final touch to your vampire makeup.


Halloween makeup ideas 2015 – be different and express yourself

halloween makeup ideas for men zombie makeup white contact lenses

Impress everyone with unconventional ideas for Halloween! It is enough to be a little more creative. Halloween makeup ideas 2015 will help you complete your look with impressive makeup suggestions. Fallen angel, zombie, creepy doll or a pale ghost, black widow, sexy cat woman – all these characters can be easily achieved with makeup. Use smoky makeup with cobwebs, and if you are brave enough you can even opt for a black lipstick.



original halloween makeup ideas Peacock green gold

halloween makeup ideas ghost white face red color lips

Halloween makeup ideas for men The Jocker

halloween makeup ideas creepy grin red contact lenses wig

Halloween makeup ideas 2015 witch makeup and costume

halloween makeup ideas 2015 scary face gray hair

Halloween make up ideas 2015 quick make up DIY ideas

Halloween makeup ideas 2015 nefertiti make up and costume

Halloween makeup ideas 2015 men makeup day of the dead skull

Halloween makeup ideas 2015 easy DIY makeup skeleton

halloween makeup ideas 2015 DIY easy makeup white face

Halloween makeup ideas 2015 blue bird eye makeup DIY ideas

Halloween make up ideas 2015 black eye liner original halloween makeup

halloween makep ideas 2015 Cleopatra costume blue makeup

easy Halloween makeup ideas 2015 cobweb eye

attractive easy witch makeup eye lashes green face


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