Clown makeup ideas for Halloween and tips for the costume

Cool Halloween makeup clown makeup for women DIY halloween costume

If you have decided to dress up as a clown on Halloween night, we will show you 15 clown makeup ideas which will be of great help for you as well as a few tips about costume itself. You can use these as Halloween makeup ideas for kids as well.


Clown makeup ideas what kind of makeup you need:

Cute clown makeup ideas Halloween makeup ideas red clown nose colorful wig

The clown makeup ideas below will guide you how to create the ideal makeup no matter if you want to be a funny clown or an evil clown. The clown character is one of the realitvely easy Halloween face painting ideas for adults. What you need?

– White makeup as a base – cream or powder

– Make-up pencil in a bright color and a black one. Pencils and brushes are very well suitable for drawing small details.

– A makeup sponge

– Powder puff

– Rouge


Clown makeup ideas – how to make a clown makeup instructions


DIY clown make up halloween makeup ideas easy makeup

Clown make up ideas are pretty easy. Before you begin applying the make-up you should cleanse your face well. If you have a sensitive skin, we recommend that you apply a thin layer of moisturizer. Apply the white makeup base with a makeup sponge. Depending on your taste you can choose the rest of the colors. Draw large circles around your eyes with colorful shadows. You can combine several colors or apply a different color on each eye. Remember that the red nose is symbolic. Either buy it from a costume shop or draw it with makeup. A colorful wig and a clown costume will complete you appearance and here you are! Happy Halloween!


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