Cool Easter eggs crafts – 3 easy ways to make ombre colored eggs

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You have certainly seen these marvelous eggs in tender shades of colors that grab your eyes. It has happened to all of us – pondering which of the many creative Easter eggs crafts makes the eggs look so original. If you have wondered how the ombre look is created, we shall show you some ideas and you can choose which one suits you most.

Ombre Easter eggs crafts using water colors

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Ombre is one of the most attractive Easter eggs crafts as it is quite trendy in the Easter decoration. The graduation of color intensity is very eye pleasing and there are several ways to craft such ombre colored eggs. First one is by using watercolor paint. Once you have boiled and cooled the eggs you can start decorating. Apply the lightest shade of color you want the egg to be in. Using a flat brush is recommendable for the easy spreading of paint. Paint the entire egg and let it dry. Paint the middle section with a darker shade of color. After the middle section dries up, paint the bottom section with the darkest shade of the same color. What you should know is that watercolor paints are not suitable for edible eggs. It is strongly recommended that you use them only for decoration purposes!

 Easter egg crafts with egg dye for perfect ombre colored eggs

Ombre easter eggs ideas table decorating centerpiece

Ombre colored eggs are a splendid mantel decoration or a table centerpiece. If you want to use this idea for edible eggs, use food dye. Use a small jar or a bowl, and fill it with water to about an inch (2 cm). Add some food coloring into the water and stir well. Dip the egg into the water and hold for about a minute. If you think the color is not strong enough –add some more food dye. Once you have dyed the egg partly, add water and dip the egg again and repeat until you have finished painting the whole egg. The third way for crafting ombre colored eggs is a variation of the same technique. You can easily dye a dozen of eggs in the various shades of one and the same color by adding water to get lighter shade for each egg or by changing the time you let the eggs sit in the dye. For the darkest shades allow the egg sit for about 10 minutes and then reduce the time. Hopefully you will find these Easter egg crafts enjoyable and will make fantastic ombre colored eggs!

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Using watercolors is an easy technique

easy easter egg crafts ideas holiday decoration ombre colored eggs watercolors

Beautiful ombre colored egg in yellow

how to make ombre colored eggs techniques easter holiday decoration ideas

Wonderful Easter eggs in pink shades

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Use food coloring  for edible eggs

Ombre Eggs coloring technique pink shades

 Allow each egg sit in the dye for a different time to achieve lighter shades

beautiful pink ombre eggs easter egg crafts decorating ideas

Ombre eggs are a fantastic table decoration

easter eggs crafts ombre coloring method

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easter eggs ombre various colors how to make ombre effect

easter eggs crafts how to decorate eggs ombre colored

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