Spring Decorations

Ideas for spring decorations atmosphere in house colors

Winter is almost over and it is about time to start thinking about spring decorations for your home. Here you will find some of the most interesting and clever design ideas for this season in order to create a lovely ambience that will enlighten your mood every day for the next couple of months.

 Spring Decorations

spring flower spring decorations

Lovely, beautiful, colorful and sunny – this is the trend for spring. You have to love it to endure it. This year – the new spring trend is a colorful pastel palette with nice, clean decorative elements that only compliment the interior. You don’t have to completely change your furnishing or repaint the walls – this is totally unnecessary and too expensive. However, you can definitely enlighten the room with accessories and decorations for this season. Here are ten fresh ideas that might inspire you to change and decorate your interior in a spring manner.

Spring Decorations : The Light Dining room


A beautiful centerpiece with spring flowers, custom-made napkins and a solid-color table-cloth with beautiful green dishes – this is definitely the spring style. Make an unusual table setting for Easter. Use the dyed eggs as a decorative element and a wonderful addition to the centerpiece. Use blue-white patterned table-cloth and curtains, as well as blue and white chairs.

 Wallpaper decor

fresh wallpaper spring decorations

You don’t have to paint the walls, but you if you have decided to decorate your home more permanently – then this wallpaper is just the perfect choice if you want to have an all-year-round spring decoration.

Houseplants as a decor

spring plants spring decorations spring table decor

Having a more natural interior look will never grow out of style. Add a jute rug and more wooden furniture if you want to give your interior space a more homely atmosphere. Arrange with flowers and voila you have a wonderful spring decoration that can stay for a bit longer than this season if you like. They have always given us warmth and have made the atmosphere at home more welcoming. Arrange the houseplants in every room as addition to your spring decor. One or two plants in every room – will never be too much.

Thin curtains


Let the first rays of spring sun come into your home. Take off those heave curtains and blinds and replace them with beautiful spring colored light curtains that will allow your interior to be sun-soaked.

spring bedroom pastel colors

Ideas for Spring decoration-Easter-table-decor


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