Personalised Christmas baubles – the cutest ornament on the tree

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Personalised Christmas baubles could be as precious as a Faberge egg. The trend of personalization of gifts is gaining greater popularity because these small personal touches bring the biggest joy and emotion.

Personalised Christmas baubles for babies, kids and relatives

DIY personalized christmas baubles colorful christmas tree ornaments

There are many varieties of personalised Christmas baubles. The baubles are especially popular for the first Christmas of new born babies and is a wonderful and precious memory for the child and the parents. You could have a picture of the baby on the bauble, the name of the little one and a sweet, little, loving message. Baubles with kids names would be the perfect, very cute and very special decoration for the Christmas tree, especially if you add ones from different ages. Personalised Christmas baubles will be a precious gift for every family member and loved friends.

Personalised Christmas baubles ideas and designs

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If you want to make it really personal – craft the personalised Christmas baubles by yourself. There are different ways to do that and we have collected some ideas to inspire you. You could use a glittering pencil to write the names of your kids, or draw small funny cartoons on the baubles. Miniature photos of the children can be placed into a transparent bauble with a Christmas message. Colorful ribbons, beads or buttons will help you create unique designs and a memorable gift for everyone you love.

personalized christmas baubles ceramic christmas bauble

Baby first Christmas bauble

personalized christmas baubles baby first christmas bauble

Easy DIY Christmas bauble with monogram

personalized christmas baubles starry glass bauble

 A loving gift for each family member

personalised christmas baubles ideas white feathers ribbons

 A beautiful merry Christmas bauble

personalised christmas baubles ideas baby first christmas

 An excellent idea for a holiday activity for the kids

personalised christmas baubles homemade christmas tree ornaments

 DIY Christmas baubles

DIY personalised christmas baubles hand made christmas gifts

how to make personalized new baby christmas baubles

Easy christmas crafts personalized christmas baubles

cute personalized-christmas baubles baby first christmas homemade christmas gifts

cute personalized christmas bauble colorful ribbons

personalised christmas baubles craft ideas Christmas gifts

personalised christmas baubles ceramic baubles names

personalised christmas baubles fairy christmas wishes


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