Christmas stocking holders – cool ideas for your Christmas decor

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The traditional Christmas decorations for the fireplace and the mantel are the Christmas wreath, candles, garlands and, of course the stockings. How to attach the stockings to the mantel without making holes or leaving permanent traces of glue, tape or other adhesive? We will show you fantastic ideas for Christmas stocking holders which will be a complement to any Christmas decoration.


Christmas stocking holders – creative ideas for the mantel decor


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There are so many easy and creative ways to hang the Christmas stockings and we will show you different options and ideas. Christmas stocking holders can be bought from a store or you could use household objects. Of course it is not obligatory to hang the Christmas stockings on the mantel. You can take advantage from a ladder, for example, and arrange the stockings beside the fireplace. A coat rack can be transformed into a fantastic stocking holder. You only need some spray paint and your DIY project will add a unique charm to the decoration. Use the walls or the staircase to hang the Christmas stockings, dressers and cabinet knobs are a quick and easy way to hang each family member’s stocking and will cost you nothing.


Christmas stocking holders – ideas and designs


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Christmas stocking holders come in a wide variety of designs, themes and materials and are a spectacular personalized stocking fireplace ornament. What is important to consider when choosing the stocking holders is that they have to be able to hold a full stocking weight. Stocking holders can be used as mantel or fireplace decorations but you have to check if the ones that you like have a slip resistant foam pad on the bottom.

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The weight of the stocking holder is another important issue. If you chose heavy holders, children may pull the stockings and heavy holders could fall and hurt them. Mantel clips are usually made of sturdy metal and easily fit any mantle design. Another option is to use a wrought iron stand and hang the Christmas stockings on it. The advantage of this option is that it can be placed anywhere around the fireplace without the hazard of catching fire.

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