Easy and creative Christmas decoration ideas at the last minute

last minute Christmas decoration ideas table centerpiece ideas candles ornaments

Christmas is already here and you haven’t had the time to decorate your home? Well, it happens. We have some quick and easy Christmas decoration ideas for you to help you meet the holidays with the necessary decor around yourselves.

Quick Christmas decoration ideas

last minute Christmas decoration ideas natural materials red berry

A word of advise for those of you who haven’t had the time to think about colours, themes and elements of the holiday decoration. You already have all the things you will need in or around your house – books, flower pots, Christmas cookies, even your hockey stick – everything can be converted into a magical decoration. Do not try to achieve a luxury lavishness but concentrate on accents. Look at these Christmas decoration ideas and give you home and family the festive treat they deserve.

Easy Christmas decoration ideas to help your creativity

last minute Christmas decoration ideas christmas tree decorating ideas

Pile a few books and tie them with a huge bright ribbon. Place them on a sofa side table and you will immediately have a wonderful piece of decoration. Add green and red – thicken your garlands with a few pinecones and ribbons, scatter Christmas ornaments on a few platters and add a candle or simply decorate some bare branches by hanging tiny seasonal fruits and some shiny ornaments. Write merry holiday wishes and pin them on your cork board or if you have a chalkboard – put your holiday message there. It will only take a tick of time and there you are – you will have the admiration of everyone for your original and unique Christmas decoration ideas.

last minute Christmas decoration ideas gingerbread cookies Christmas tree ornaments

Last minute idea for the Christmas decor

last minute Christmas decoration ideas handmade

A quick bouquet of branches and cards

last minute christmas decoration berries and cards

An easy arrangements with nuts 

quick christmas decorations last minute

 A very quick arrangement of shiny Christmas ornaments

christmas decoration ideas last minute ornaments

 Use the everyday items to create a last minute Christmas decoration

easy christmas decoration ideas candles tiny red ornaments and nuts

 A few holiday messages and a platter of pinecones mixed with glass beads for a quick Christmas effect

easy christmas decoration ideas pinecones

 Add glittering silver to the Christmas ornaments

easy christmas decoration ideas silver accents on red elements

 Candles and ornaments in the last minute for holiday festivity

last minute christmas decoration candles

 Make some easy-to-do garlands

last minute christmas decoration easy garlands

 Candy canes turn into a Christmas decoration in a tick

quick christmas decoration ideas candy canes

 Fill candle holders with ornaments and tie a ribbon to the pillow

quick christmas decoration ornaments in candle holders

A tree of crystals and a lipstick Christmas message

speedy christmas decorations lipstick message

 Tie a ribbon to the door knob or place a few mini Christmas trees

easy christmas decor door handle

easy christmas decorations ideas last minute tree

last minute christmas decoration white and red

christmas decorations last minute candles and berries

last minute christmas decoration ideas branches in a vase


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