Easy Christmas holiday crafts – making a snowman is fun

Easy Christmas holiday crafts felt snowmen Canister

Christmas is on the way, your kids will be home for day and you are short on ideas to keep them busy. Have no worry – we have got you covered for the holiday season. Let the kids get creative and show their holiday spirit! Let them practice these easy Christmas holiday crafts and fill the house with ornaments, pillows and gift boxes.

Easy Christmas holiday crafts for the kids

christmas holiday crafts Cute Sock Snowman

Is there anything more festive than making a snowman for the holidays? You can decorate your front door with a snowman instead of the traditional wreath. Kids especially will love to see this snowman hanging on the front door. Moreover Christmas holiday crafts are so much fun! Any household material is good to be used for making a snowman – pieces of felt and fabrics, paper, old sweaters, socks and some rice or cotton for stuffing. Let your kids imagination fly and you will have the cutest ornaments in all the neighborhood. Moreover – they will not melt at the end of the holiday season.

Organize a competition for Christmas holiday crafts and ideas

snowman coasters for christmas drinks

You can easily organize a small competition between your kids and their friends. They can even make a snowman project at school. Then everyone will take part in the fun. Show the kids how to make a recipe box of papers, ribbons and seasonal stickers. Scrapbook paper will come handy too. Snowman greeting cards will be a really nice and personal to send to your friends and family. You can even frame some snowmen and have a merry wall decoration. Whichever pattern you choose at the end you will be having even more fun than the kids with Christmas holiday crafts.

Christmas holiday crafts a sweater Snowman

 Crafting a snowman picture frame is easy

christmas holiday crafts a snowman picture red buttons decoration

  A cute felt snowman Christmas tree ornament

easy to make felt snowman ornament

 Easy to craft snowman from pom-poms

easy to craft snowman pom poms

 Festive winter group of snowmen

christmas holiday crafts festive winter twine group of Snowmen

Framed snowmen wall ornaments

framed snowmen ornaments

A homemade snowman

handcrafted snowman aluminum foil cover air dry clay

A cute recipe box with a snowman decoration

christmas holiday crafts  recipe box snowman

  A snowman table setting

snowman craft project table setting

 Easy to make a snowman greeting card

christmas holiday crafts snowman greeting card

 Decorate the presents with a snowman ornament

snowman ornament present decoration


snowman story book christmas decoration


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