Decorated Christmas trees – dazzling tree decoration ideas


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Decorated Christmas trees are a must for the Christmas decoration. It is hard to imagine the Christmas holidays without the tree. Sparkling ornaments, piles of presents, warm glowing lights, and shimmering garlands – all these are the traditional elements of our tree decoration and let’s admit it – traditional or modern, the decorated tree is always the centerpiece of our home decor for the holidays.

Decorated Christmas trees – traditional elements


Decorated Christmas trees date back to the 19th century. In many families it is a tradition to decorate the tree together and it is a charming and beautiful family time. Nowadays Christmas tree ornaments include both traditional and modern items – baubles, ribbons, LED garlands, and there many decorative ornaments which are handmade and give the festive ambience a personal touch. Christmas tree lights have long ago become a tradition and each year we enjoy their glow. They are also a big joy for children. The garlands are another element. You can buy them in a store or craft them by yourself and even turn this into a fun Christmas holiday craft for the kids.

Decorated Christmas trees bring joy to family, friends and visitors

stylish christmas tree decoration gold crystal ornaments

A dazzling tree will make everyone happy. The classic combination of green, white and red balls is perfect for Christmas trees decorated in traditional style. Bright balls in warm shades of gold or silver add stylish accents put on the Christmas tree and the whole room gets a luxurious look. For small apartments decorated Christmas trees can be placed on the table as tabletop trees and you can use various candy, bells, snowflakes, chocolates or cookies to decorate them. The angel and fairy lights are always the highlight on the Christmas tree.



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Christmas decorations decorated christmas trees silver ornaments

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Decorated Christmas trees at the front door to welcome your visitors

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