Vestibule decoration

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Vestibule decoration



Modern vestibule decoration

The vestibule’s decoration is an essential part of its general design. It determines how this room will be perceived and what impression will it leave for the guests.
In order for the decorative elements to be properly chosen, the style of the room’s furnishing should be considered. If we have chosen a contemporary style of furnishing, the decorative elements should correlate to it. Glass panels, decorative pavements and wooden battens would be suitable for the furniture with straight linear patterns. Facet mirrors and aluminium-coloured elements are appropriate for the contemporary decoration style.

Vestibule with umbrella stand


Vestibule with wooden umbrella stand

An interesting and fun vestibule accessory is the umbrella-stand. It is an easy to make accessory and can be fabricated by the house masters themselves, if they give way to their imagination. Interesting designer ideas can be found on the market for this simplistic item, which is also an appropriate decoration element for the place.

Vestibule decoration


Vestibule decoration ideas

The most commonly used vestibule decoration item is a vase. Different in size and shape, flower vases are an excellent choice for refreshing the interior, along with their practical purpose of keeping the flowers alive. Different types of clocks are suitable for a hallway, since they have the functions of both a decorative element and a time reference for busy housewives.

Decoration with painting


Beautiful hallway decoration with painting

Paintings, tapestries and other art forms are suitable decoration, if they correlate well with the style of the rest of the interior and don’t create a feeling that the place is overcrowded. If the home masters have chosen a retro style for their vestibule, then perches, door-knobs and metal elements can be decorated with fretwork. Patina friezes and knobs will seem like vintage, time-preserved possessions. Facet glasses will increase the vintage appearance of the furniture, as well as the elements added to the mirror.

Contemporary vestibule decoration


Contemporary vestibule decoration

Often the home masters use the vestibule as a main stylistic representation of the household. This kind of approach is a keen way to make a good first impression to guests.
The aesthetic notion is most important in making the various design ideas. It is what helps us achieve harmony in the vestibule’s decoration style.

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