Wood and Stone in Interior Design


Natural wooden and stone kitchen

Wood and stone have been used in architecture and decoration for centuries and they are still materials which bring comfort, luxury and accent decoration into our homes. We still appreciate the abundance of uses those materials have and even more the grounded and natural touch they bring into interior design.Wood is the original soothing material in a design scheme. Whenever you want cozy or intimate atmosphere or calming down in a undemanding room – wood is the way to go. You would be surprised how often the word Cozy is used as a term in interior design, but in fact its no wonder because we all want our homes to be our little islands of peace and warmness. And the natural, warm colors of wood have the power to do that.

Wooden accents


White furnishing with wooden accents

Modern furniture marries wood very well. Clean white furniture with wood accents for example, softens the white color and prevents a room from looking to sharp or even cold. Imagine an all white furnished room, you would get that feeling of sterility that you have in hospitals. While wood flooring lets say will bring earthly and comforting look, kind of taking the room back into being a home and not a laboratory.

Stone walls decoration


Interior stone walls decoration

Stone on the other hand brings opinion, luxury and raw power in design. It’s a strong statement of grandåur. Stone floorings are magnificent and empower the room with boldness and cleanness. Stone is also great in its service as accent. Stone walls or counters have huge visual impact and can make a impression, preventing a space from being too dull.

Decoration with natural materials


Interior decoration with natural materials

To summarize stone and wood are the ultimate materials in interior design. They can be interpreted and used in various ways. Which is more they are the natural materials which connect different parts of design in one whole. Glass, Steel and different colors they all go perfectly with wood and stone to form an exquisite and glamorous interiors.

Wooden and stone decoration


Medieval wooden and stone decoration


by Liudmila Georgieva

Published by Minimalist