Main principles in home decoration


Stylish bedroom decorating

Decorating your home is the most pleasant part in the furnishing procedures. There is, however, the risk of turning it into a warehouse for various possessions in any and all styles. Overdoing the decoration is the biggest danger to the home’s appearance and therefore, some unwritten rules for decorating should be kept in mind. For starters, every single room should be decorated separately. The first thing is to choose a specific style. The whole home can be furnished in a single style, if the owners can agree on it. But if they do not wish to use a specific style for the entire place, they should keep in mind that all elements in a single room should have one and the same style about them.

Bathroom decoration


Bathroom furnishing and decoration

Furnishing a room requires special attention to the details. That means that every peace of furniture and decoration should be placed appropriately, so that it contributes to the aesthetic appearance of the room. The placement, size and situation of the pictures and tapestries should be carefully considered, so that they establish a picturesque outlook to the room and don’t make it look like an art gallery. The placement of smaller art objects, which are usually placed on shelves and cupboards, should also be carefully thought out, so that they fill in their matching empty space and don’t look out of place.

Separate home library


Separate home library

Books can often be a problem. It is best if you have a separate room in which to store them in, however, not every household can have adequate space in a separate room for all books, so they may need to be placed all around the household. Finding the right place for them may not be an easy task. They also take the space for other personal belongings.Placing books in every single empty space in drawers, shelves and cupboards is not advisable. It is appropriate for them to be placed in shelves and racks, which are designed in such fashion as bookshelves.


Rustic style interior decoration

If the house masters like travelling and have collections of art works, collected from different parts of the world, it is advisable for them to be sorted out before being placed in the different rooms of the household. That way the notion for unbalanced and unfitting style will be avoided. Hunting gear and themes should be displayed in separate rooms, or in a different building like a hunting shack, if you have one.Overdoing on the interior decoration, using too many colours and styles are all basic interior design mistakes, which will be avoided if you keep in mind some main aesthetic principles, such as moderation and strive for comfort.


Dining room decoration

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