Light and Shade in the Modern House – an Introduction


Modern Lighting Fixture from Vetri d´Artre

The quality of light illuminating any living space will have a significant and profound effect on the well being of the occupants.

Practical and mood changing, lighting can be warm or cold, business like or welcoming. It can be enlivening or calming, soft or harsh. Light may be totally revealing or……illusive and mysterious, the list goes on. So, therefore, the illumination you select is a vitally important factor in ensuring that you maximise the potential of your modern home enabling you to live in harmony with your environment.

Ambient Lighting


Ambient Lighting illuminating Living room

Ambient lighting may conjure, dreams fantasies and memories. It can put you in mind of a favourite movie, or take you back to your childhood. It may remind you of a fabulous holiday in some exotic place. Natural light will help you to enjoy the power of the natural environment. Evoking, for example, pleasure, excitement or a sense of well being the power of light is indisputable.

Directional lighting is designed to help you in any environment where your focus must be unhindered by inadequate illumination, for example, in your kitchen, or in your study or library area. It is vitally important for your health and the quality of the task you are undertaking, that the lighting you select suits your activity.

Aqua Creations


Unique Lightings from Aqua Creations

With light comes its opposite, shade. Shadows are shifting restless and illusive forms. They are ephemeral, creating ever changing beauty and transitory atmospheres. Shadows can create fascinating and remarkable patterns and shapes within your rooms. Their transient quality can’t fail to add an extra dynamic to your living space. So, light and shade play with spaces and forms, transforming everything they touch. Your environments can be dramatically altered by the type of illumination selected.

Penta Lights


Penta Lights designed by Umberto Asnago

The following series of articles will explore the options you have to select and control the lighting within your home. There will be discussions on two distinct types of illumination, natural light and artificial lighting to help you make informed choices within your living environment.

by Jaz

The Kinema Pendant


The Kinema Pendant designed by Stuart Fingerhut


Light and Shade – Natural Light in the Modern Home

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