Amazing Golden Thanksgiving Table Decorations


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Adapted from ideas by Martha Stewart

Make your Thanksgiving feast extra special this year with these simple but stunning decorative touches.  All of these golden Thanksgiving table decorations are quick and easy to recreate but will delight your family and friends

Golden Thanksgiving table decorations -Golden Oak Leaf Napkin Decoration

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At the Thanksgiving table, a napkin formed into a cone is adorned with a simple sprig of gilded oak leaves berries and tied together with a golden ribbon makes a very special place setting.  To personalize, add a tag with your guest’s name on at each place setting.

 Golden Thanksgiving table decorations – Mini Pumpkins candleholders


These stylish golden Thanksgiving table decorations have been created to compliment a fashionable white Thanksgiving table.  To make these simply fix slim candle tapers inside mini pumpkins to make these lovely centerpieces. To do this, carve a hole in the top of each pumpkin with a sharp knife and scoop out a space for the taper with a melon baler. For a more elaborate impact stack two pumpkins on top of one other and fix in place with florists wire or pins. Use adhesive putty to secure the tapers inside the pumpkins and to decorate upturned pie dishes with ornamental leaves. If you want to turn these candleholders into sensational golden Thanksgiving table decorations then use a gold spray paint to gild your mini pumpkins and decorative leaves

Golden Thanksgiving table decorations – Glittering Glass Candle Holders


Ever versatile, glass candle sticks can be adapted to suit any decorative scheme at the Thanksgiving table.  These examples have been tastefully decorated with twists of delicate foliage.  It is possible to use either natural or artificial plants to create a similar effect.  To harmonize with a gilded Thanksgiving table all you need to do is add gold candles to the display.

Traditional Wheat Sheaf Display


A totally natural sheaf of golden wheat will provide a perfect seasonal centerpiece for any Thanksgiving table.  For a gilded ‘Midas touch’, spray each bundle with touches of metallic gold paint.  A luxurious gold ribbon will complete the display.  For a long dining table a number of golden wheat sheaves will look fabulous positioned along the full length of your table display.

A Golden Wreath Enhances the Thanksgiving Buffet Table


If your Thanksgiving banquet is more of a buffet style feast then you will be able to use the wall behind the table to display even more glorious golden Thanksgiving decorations.  What about hanging a gorgeous gilded wreath as a focal point to your festivities?  This lovely shimmering wreath may be hung anywhere, not just the front door as shown in the next image.So for all that glitters this Thanksgiving season, bring on the gold spray paint, gilded fabrics and get converting those lovely fall fruits and berries into golden Thanksgiving table decorations.

 by Jaz

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Simple wooden table and golden decoration

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