Do it yourself – Fabulous Thanksgiving and Fall Decorations


A GorgeousThanksgiving Chandelier by Martha Stewart

This fantastic and atmospheric chandelier is one of the most perfect Thanksgiving and fall decorations.  Suspend it over the table to set the scene for a spectacular Thanksgiving feast. The chandelier is lusciously adorned with colorful autumnal leaves on a simple grapevine wreath.  This gorgeous seasonal chandelier is illuminated by tea lights that fit inside miniature pumpkin holders.

Thanksgiving and Fall Decorations – How to make a Pumpkin Wreath Chandelier


Suspended from your ceiling this autumnal chandelier will provide a cozy rustic atmosphere to the thanksgiving table. Alternatively it could be hung outside  to decorate your front porch

To make this you will need

  • A wreath made from a grapevine
  • A wax pencil
  • 6 miniature pumpkins
  • A small or serrated knife or carving tool
  • A spoon for removing the flesh from the pumpkins
  • A length of chain
  • Coupling links to join lengths of chain.
  • 25-gauge annealed iron wire(this is a soft but strong construction wire)
  • An S hook
  • Florist’s wire
  • An awl piercing tool
  • Votive candles
  • Leaves and berries for embellishment

Thanksgiving and Fall Decorations – Step by step:


STEP 1: Using a tea light as a template, mark a circle in wax pencil on top of 6 miniature pumpkins. Cut these out using a sharp serrated knife. Remove the pumpkin tops and scoop out the flesh using a spoon or scoop.

Thanksgiving and Fall Decorations


STEP 2:  Make a hanger to your desired height using three equal lengths of chain.  Fix the brass couplings to each end of each chain. Bring the three chain ends together and slip an ‘S’ hook through the couplings. Link the other ends of the chains to a wreath made from grapevine. Do this with the florist’s wire passed through the couplings and wound around the wreath form. Its important to space the chains at equal distances around the wreath.

STEP 3:  Using an awl piercing tool, make two holes, 2.5 cms apart, through the bottom of each pumpkin. Bend the soft iron wire into U shapes then peg these through the pumpkins from the inside. To secure the pumpkin lanterns, wrap the iron wire pegs around the wreath form, and twist these in place. Once safely wired in place, insert votive candles inside the pumpkins.


STEP 4:  Finally decorate your wreath by twisting in the stems of colorful autumn leaves and berries. The example illustrated here shows maple, pear and oak leaves, with bittersweet berries.

Important tip: To ensure that your chandelier hangs evenly, use three equally spaced suspending wires.

These lovely Thanksgiving and fall decorations will stun your guests so the time taken in making it will be well worth the effort.


by Jaz

Published by Dimitar Dimitrov