Minimalist electronic flowerbed- Click and Grow


Click and Grow is innovative electronic smartpot that uses sensors, software, and a fertilizer system to grow beautiful, healthy plants and herbs.

Perfect for the forgetful gardener, busy city-dweller, or constant traveler who still wants some plants around. Click and Grow gives everyone access to a green thumb.

Minimalist electronic flowerbed – grows your plants for you


Click and Grow produce electronic flowerbeds that grow plants for people. The smart technology measures the plants needs and automatically doses the exact amount of water and nutrients. An ideal solution for city-dwellers and people without a green thumb to grow plants and add a touch of nature indoors. In addition to the plant growing aspect and the emotion Click and Grow brings, the Click & Grow pot has a good minimalist look therefore making it a brilliant design element.

Click and Grow – innovative electronic smartpot


Click and Grow is a sleek white box that houses a reservoir, a pump and sensors. You just add batteries, water and insert the plant cartridge and voila – a verdant display will be present in your home within a couple of weeks. The plant is in a special cartridge and works together with the smartpot just like a printer. If the plant’s natural life cycle ends, you can remove the old cartridge and insert a new one. Immediately the flowerpot will start to grow a new plant.

Click and Grow – smart technology


With a minimalist look and feel, the Click and Grow smartpot is an ideal design element to your modern home. If you’re a city-dweller, lacking a green thumb or just busy – no worries. The smart technology gives everyone an opportunity to experience the excitement of emerging sprouts!”




Published by Dimitar Dimitrov
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