Contemporary Hallway decorating ideas from SAOTA Architects

Contemporary Hallway interior design and Hallway decorating ideas

Interior design by SAOTA Architects


Below we present to You our selection of wall decoration and hallway decorating ideas. If You need ideas about materials, colors, furniture, decoration object to use in the Living room decoration, Hallway interior design this is the article to read. The selected designs are designed by from Architects one of the best Architecture and Design studios in the world.

Extraordinary hallway decoration idea

Hallway hallway decorating ideas

In this Interior design as a center piece in the composition is the art sculpture

Hallway art hallway decorating idea

Composition of art pall decorations and large pots

White wall art decoration idea

wall art decoration idea

White minimalist decoration and interior design idea

Minimalist hallway decorating idea

Landscape in the interior design decorating idea

White wall art decor idea

Decorating idea - wall decoration hallway

Hallway interior design ideas

Hallway design - wall decoration

Hallway design idea


hallway wall art decorating ideas

Decoration in the Living room great stylish idea for open space living area

hallway decorating idea  13

Black stone as wall decoration and dark oak wood for the floors and walls in the library

hallway decorating ideas -15

Minimalist composition – staircase , concrete and vase

hallway decorating-ideas 16

Living room design / Living room decorating idea


White living room decoration and furniture idea – contemporary minimalist style


 SAOTA Architects

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