Dynamic Garden Design for your Wellbeing and Pleasure


Is your garden your pride and joy? Or does it resemble either a barren wasteland or the depths of the deepest jungle?  If either of the last two questions touch on a raw nerve then read on.

  Selecting the right garden design for you is about to be made a little simpler and a lot more attractive.  Included in this feature is a fantastic array of garden designs from across the globe.  There is bound to be something here to inspire you, whether you are a gardening novice, a couch potato, or just too busy to spend time working in your garden.

If on the other hand you are a keen and experienced gardener, you might be interested to see what the very latest developments in garden design are looking like,  Garden design is a dynamic concept, gardens evolve over time, as with all aspects of your home your garden design may need updating to suit your changing needs and circumstances.  This is a fabulous selection of the very best garden designs – enjoy!

contemporary garden design

Whether your garden space is large or small, or even confined to a small roof top or balcony, this is a precious place.  It can become your ultimate retreat and ‘Haven of Tranquility’.  It is a place to enjoy fresh air and nature, to be close to growing things, birds and other delightful creatures.

garden design for rooftop and balcony


The garden is the place to get back to basics and put your life in a real perspective.  Forget all the stresses and strains of 21st century living and focus on being yourself.  So your garden design is important to your lifestyle and your health.  If you don’t like gardening or your busy lifestyle doesn’t leave time for working outdoors, there are plenty of low maintenance garden designs to choose from.  These need minimal care or, if you selected a Japanese ‘Zen’ type garden, no care at all because these special gardens are made entirely from rocks!

Go on treat yourself, and create a perfect garden paradise in your own backyard, rooftop or balcony.

by Jaz



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