Personalise Your Interior Design Scheme with Original Wall Decoration Ideas

Posted on 25/04/2012 Author: . Under: Decoration

Wooden tiles Wall decoration - Abstract wood panels design

In the context of this website wall decorations and wall décor are not to be confused with wall decorating.  Wall decorating tends to be the broader treatment of your walls in terms of the overall finish and colour.  On the other hand, wall decorations, often referred to as ‘wall décor’ relate to independent artworks or any ornamentation that you dress your walls with after the basic decorating is complete.  Contemporary wall art decoration ideas are numerous and varied.  Featured in this article are some exciting and unusual examples of wall decoration ideas.  Choose wall art decoration ideas to personalize your home.  It is these finishing touches that reflect your individuality and your tastes adding a unique character to your living space.  Of course you will want to select items that enhance your interior design scheme, but do focus on objects that have meaning to you as well.

Wall decoration – Egyptian hieroglyphs wall panels

Wall decoration - Egyptian hieroglyphs wall panels

The range of items that you can introduce to your wall decor is unlimited.  Don’t forget to include things that you have collected over the years.  For example, in a bathroom, some tastefully displayed bits of driftwood, or shells suspended on a chord will remind you of a favourite holiday destination, as well as looking fantastic and appropriate for this ‘watery’ room setting.  A framed collection of small objects that you have hoarded away may become the basis for truly original artworks and wall decoration ideas.  Why hide away precious memories in a box?  Some of the most effective and attractive wall décor ideas are not expensive shop bought items, but have a deeper more emotional value.

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