Beautiful Ideas for Contemporary Bedroom Wall Decoration

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Beautiful Ideas for Contemporary Bedroom Wall Decoration

Most people will view their bedroom as the most personal and private room in their home.  It is one place that should represent a place of tranquility, rest and retreat.  If you can’t relax and be yourself in your bedroom there is something amiss. However, as this isn’t one of the most public rooms the bedroom can often get neglected in terms of interior design.  If your bedroom wall decoration is looking tired and shabby, if it is out of date or doesn’t reflect your personality maybe its time for a change.  Featured here are some inspirational ideas for bedroom wall decoration.  So maybe its time to revamp your private sanctuary.

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Firstly consider your existing bedroom wall decoration, are your walls plain or patterned, what is the colour scheme doing for the sense of space, light and atmosphere in your bedroom?  Ultimately is your bedroom wall decoration doing you any favours? If not how do you want to remodel your room?  Colour is a great tool in creating or enhancing ambience.  Dark colours can be mysterious seductive and very restful.  They can make a room feel secure and cozy at times when you need to get away from it all. However, be careful you don’t want your bedroom to appear gloomy or depressing, so perhaps avoid the cooler colours of the spectrum.  Dark blues can become dismal if not balanced with warmer or lighter elements. Conversely, bright reds are colours associated with passion, maybe anger, so use these with moderation if you are aiming at a calming environment.  Bedroom wall decoration focused on white can be very refreshing and simple to create.  White provides a marvelously versatile backdrop for any style of furnishing or decorative scheme. White walls are the perfect setting to display vibrant contemporary art works.  Use white throughout your decorative scheme for a sophisticated minimalist appeal.

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Patterned walls can become a very dramatic aspect of bedroom wall decoration, maybe select one feature wall to receive a patterned treatment.  Pattern can also evoke mood and atmosphere, it can relate to specific cultures or periods in design history so the design you select could be a way to introduce a theme to your decorative scheme.  For example if you select a pattern associated with the Art Deco period, then you could easily incorporate furnishings and fittings from the same period for a stunning and sophisticated effect.  If you would like an exotic, eastern feel then maybe choose to introduce pattern using a striking hand printed wall hanging or a woven tapestry.

These are just a few ideas to get you started.  Importantly design your room to suit you and your tastes but try to establish some harmony and balance between your bedroom wall decoration and the rest of the contents in your personal sanctuary.

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