How to arrange a photo wall – tips and creative ideas

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Arranging a photo wall is a great way to show your favorite photos of family and friends, as well as display photos of special events such as weddings or exotic vacation. It is also an ideal solution for a wall in your room, where you have no wall decoration idea. Having a photo wall means that you can watch your favorite photos every day. Be creative with your design. Remember to keep the majority of the photos at eye level for the best results.

 Photo wall design – getting started guide

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Decide on the theme of your photo wall. Do you prefer family photos? The choices are so many – from friends and family, black and white photos of friends, black and white photos of cities or landscapes, vacation and travel photos, wedding photos and other photos.

Photo wall design – frames and arrangement of photos

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Frame your photos. For a beautiful photo wall, use the same type of frame, especially if you keep to a particular topic – wood frame, metal frame, or white or colored plastic frames. Another option is to decorate each frame individually. With paint or other materials such as wallpaper or fabric scraps, beads, old buttons, faux jewels or sequins. Decorate the frame so that the decoration fits with the photo.

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Measure the wall and organize your photos on a carpet or a piece of paper that is about the same size as the wall. Arrange the pictures until you achieve the desired wall design. Measure the spaces between each photo and mark with a pencil where you want the photos on the wall.

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If you wish, you can change your wall paint. Create a wall border with stencils and paint. You could also write nice sayings on the wall, such as “Our wedding” or “friends and family”, or let the wall as it is.

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