Luxury Italian Mosaic Work in Global Demand

Stylish home interior with Bisazza mosaic work

The completion of Bisazza’s new gallery store in Beverley Hills is a good indication of the rise in popularity of their luxury Italian mosaic work and also the type of customers this fantastic brand is likely to attract.

Luxury Italian Mosaic Work – the International Impact of Bisazza of Italy

Modern mosaic art creation by Bisazza

The store was specially designed by the leading Italian architect Carlo del Bianco and is located at the prestigious Melrose Avenue address in Beverley Hills, LA, California. Historically Los Angeles is of course the playground of the rich, the famous and many of the most celebrated international superstars.  Bisazza’s glittering collection does not look out of place in this star studded environment.

Design Capitals Embrace Luxury Italian Mosaic Work

Modern stylish mosaic by Bisazza

This becomes Bisazza’s second North American ‘flagship’ store, following the launch of their specialist brand in its fabulous New York showroom.  Not phased by economic downturns or maybe not affected by them, Bisazza’s international strategy is to


 “…enhance the brand identity through the opening of flagship stores that are all aesthetically consistent, while reflecting the sophisticated and unique style of Bisazza”

 2007 press release


All over the world these sparkling flagship stores, with their harmonized and opulent appearances, are appearing in major design capitals.  These include: London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Berlin, Milan, New York, and in 2008, Moscow. This new showroom in LA, in keeping with the rest, has been designed by the ‘in house’ Bisazza Design Studio under the direction of Carlo Dal Bianco.  This uniform approach ensures continuity and coordination of the enticing corporate identity and product collections.


Bisazza Design Studio in Beverly Hills

Bisazza showroom in Los Angeles

To provide the optimum display conditions for their luxurious Italian mosaic work, all showroom interiors are arranged as a series of fantastically luxurious living areas.  Each successive room emulates a different residential setting. This system fully demonstrates “…the versatility and aesthetic qualities of mosaic design.” 2007 press release


Luxurious Italian Mosaic Work Enhance all Environments

Modern mosaic work design


In ancient times, luxurious mosaic work was applied to unlimited surfaces, in religious buildings, public places and private villas. More recently the trend has been to use mosaic predominantly in wet rooms like the shower, bathroom or even swimming pools.

Here we see luxurious Italian mosaic work crossing over the boundaries and once again adding life energy and beauty to all types of living space. The Bisazza collection includes: floral motifs, fabric patterns and geometric compositions.  These configurations will suit a wide range of room settings and tastes and also promote the use of mosaic instead of wallpaper.  The mosaic work fuses classical decoration techniques with a range of contemporary design trends. All of Bisazza’s design suggestions are clearly intended for elegant and deluxe interiors. Luxurious Italian mosaic work enables creativity with refined detail combined with harmonious colors and materials.


Elegant Italian Mosaic Work

Bisazza mosaic collection in Beverly Hills


“It offers a refined and elite style for decorating homes, business premises and public buildings”. 2007 press release


A ‘walk- through’ the Beverley Hills store gives the visitor a very real idea of just what can be achieved with contemporary mosaic work. The store entrance is defined by the presence of four striking columns that have been dressed in a simple white and gold striped mosaic called Righe Oro. A traditional checkered black and white design is applied to the entrance floor, this is known as Dama Nera.  In the first room gold becomes the main focus.  On one side the walls have been decorated in Damasco Oro Giallo, a mosaic motif that has been inspired by luxurious heavy brocades.  The other walls have been inspired by a more delicate fabric and this design is called Etoiles Oro Giallo.

Luxury Italian Mosaic Work by Bisazza

Luxury Italian mosaic work

In the second room setting, white is the dominant color, highlighted with subtle gold touches.  There is a French ambience in this room which hints at the underlying historic sources that influenced the contemporary mosaic designs


In the library it is possible to find examples of the complete Bisazza collection. Here you will find tasteful classic patterns right through to the most modern designs. This library was influenced by the neo classical period of the 19th century and is resplendent with dark colors and ebony wood. On the library floor there is a recreation of a traditional Vienna Nero pattern.  This is an unusual floor design which is derived from the cane work on antique Viennese chairs.


Charming Luxury Italian Mosaic Work

Classy Italian mosaic work

In the final room setting visitors are likely to be captivated by a spectacular exhibition of floral mosaic work. This area is a celebration of the Spring Rose Nero design. This luscious display is Victorian in style and has been inspired by an arrangement of glorious tea roses from a romantic garden.

There are also specific furniture items and accessories on view which have been selected to compliment the luxurious Italian mosaic work.  These are all available from the Bisazza Home Collection.  Included in the collection are ten absolutely glorious chandeliers.  Perhaps at this point it is time to remember that all that glitters is not gold, but in this prestigious location it might as well be!

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