Wonderful Versatile Turquoise Room Ideas

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Versatile Turquoise is a very precious color in a designer’s palette.  This adaptable hue is bold without being brash so its ideal for creating color highlights and enhancing features.

  Also, a little turquoise goes a long way.  This may or may not be a color featured in the 2013 fashion league tables, but quite frankly who cares!  Turquoise is beautiful, evocative and has personality.

Mood Enhancing Qualities of Versatile Turquoise

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Definitely a color associated with sunshine and Mediterranean areas, versatile turquoise is also a favorite color all over Asia, Africa and South America.  Its a color related to the sea and glorious coastal retreats.  These connections ensure that turquoise is always uplifting and atmospheric.  Also the color of a precious gemstone, turquoise has class.  It is a color that looks equally good in shabby chic surroundings or in a palatial setting.  Whole rooms decorated in luscious turquoise may look dramatic or a single feature such as a turquoise picture frame or mirror will look sensational within a neutral color scheme. The examples presented here barely touch on the full versatility of turquoise but they do show how it is a hue used to create sensational living spaces.

Versatile Turquoise Compliments Most Other Colors


Relaxing colors in the bathroom

There are not many colors on the color wheel that don’t look good next to turquoise.  This is also why it is such a versatile color.  Turquoise looks fabulous against neutral or earth tones and also holds its own against the most powerful colors in the spectrum such as reds and purples.  This is a one good reason why turquoise stays high in popularity.

Bedroom Interior Design in Versatile Turquoise


Versatile turquoise in the bedroom

This gallery of examples demonstrates this amazing flexibility, for example, a gilded chair with a yellow cushion sits majestically against turquoise walls.  Full length turquoise drapes and coordinating accessories add a marvelous fresh quality to a classically styled sitting room.  A baroque style mirror gets the turquoise treatment to create a super eye catching focal point within a white interior design scheme.  Versatile turquoise, fresh green and white combine in an uplifting bathroom makeover.  Hints of turquoise, in fabric stripes and patterns, make a dynamic contrast in a brown and orange bedroom scheme.  In the same vein, turquoise leaf prints, are framed in tangerine mounts to emphasize this contrast.

Splendid Combination of Colors for Modern Bedroom



Turquoise brown and orange colors in the bedroom

A dramatic bedroom is made unique with coordinating turquoise ceiling, chaise longue and soft furnishings.  In other surroundings, pale turquoise paint adds a gentle historic appeal to chests of drawers, velvet upholstery and an elegant room divider. So is versatile turquoise the most adaptable color in a designer’s palette?  What do you think?

Beautiful Decoration Ideas

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Stylish Mirror in Turquoise


Decoration ideas in bright colors

Living Room Interior Design Ideas in Versatile Turquoise


Versatile turquoise and red colors for a stylish living room interior

Kitchen Cabinets in Turquoise Color


Versatile turquoise in the kitchen

 Lovely Bedroom in Versatile Turquoise


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