34 ideas for decorative bamboo poles – how to use them creatively

 decorative bamboo poles kitchen living room area modern apartment

The bamboo complements modern furnishings. It adds a natural decorative accent and at the same time it still seems simple and minimalist. The decorative bamboo poles are an affordable addition to any modern space and can be bought in many large retail stores. If you want to integrate these beautiful elements in your home interior, we have put together some decoration ideas  for you. With the right know-how and tips it will be relatively easy.

Modern home design and ideas for decorative bamboo poles

painted decorative bamboo poles living room interior design

Buy dry decorative bamboo poles. It may be quite tempting to buy a bamboo plant and cut your own sticks for decoration purposes, but  doing so is often more expensive and can lead to splitting of the bamboo tubes due to improper drying techniques. You will find them in a hardware store and pre-cut, pre-dried pieces are the best choice for your decoration.

Decorative bamboo poles as a home interior accent

modern home minimalist interior design bamboo sticks decoration

Use decorative bamboo poles and indoor bamboo tree ideas in a careful manner. The bamboo fits best in a minimalist decor and if you fill a dozens of vases with bamboo it will look a bit intrusive. Bamboo is ideal for a modern look, as it is has an organic aesthetic without bushy leaves or flowers and puts the emphasis on the clean lines. If you put too much bamboo poles in a room, you will destroy this effect. Paint the bamboo poles in accordance with the color scheme of your living room. The interesting shape of bamboo sticks creates a beautiful silhouette, but sometimes the pale, natural color can seem a bit monotonous. Brightly painted bamboo can bring wonderful color accents to any room. In most cases, the staining is not a practical solution because the store-bought bamboo poles are often sealed with a thin layer of polyurethane. If you are not sure what color to choose, black is dramatic enough and will contrast beautifully with any wall color.

bamboo poles bathroom ineterior decoration modern ceiling lighting bathtub

 Bamboo in transparent pots as space divider

patio decoration pots pebbles and bamboo tubes

 Patio furniture and bamboo poles in a vase


 Modern apartment with bamboo decoration accent

modern apartment interior design decorative wall bamboo sticks

 Balcony privacy screen with bamboo sticks

balcony design decorative bamboo poles privacy screen panel

Elegant interior decoration accent with bamboo in a metal vase

living room interior design ideas decorative bamboo poles

 Stylish bedroom decoration

bamboo poles decoration vase wooden dresser bedroom

Decorative wall – combination between natural stone and bamboo sticks

exterior design ideas bamboo wall panel stone wall

Asian style bathroom decoration

decorative bamboo pole wall jacuzzi folding glass door

Bamboo poles can be useful as room divider

decorative bamboo poles ideas room divider bedroom bathroom

decorative bamboo poles dining room interior design asymmetric wall

contemporary bathroom decoration bamboo sticks

bedroom interior decorative bamboo poles pink ottoman gray curtains

bathroom decoration ideas bamboo sticks

bamboo sticks wooden frame divider powder room stone sink

patio design ideas decorative bamboo poles outdoor lighting

modern dining room ideas decorative bamboo poles tall vase

How to decorate with bamboo sticks house entry decor ideas

decorative bamboo sticks home decor living room decor

decorative bamboo poles orchids bathroom decoration ideas

decorative bamboo poles living room decor bamboo wall

decorative bamboo poles home decor ideas modern living room

decorative bamboo poles dining room ideas solid wood table

decorative bamboo poles creative home lighting dining room

decorative bamboo poles contemporary dining room

Contemporary living room decoration ideas decorative bamboo poles brown sofa cowhide pillows

decorative bamboo sticks wall sconces wall lighting ideas

decorative bamboo poles wall decoration flower pot

decorative bamboo poles natural arrangement home decor ideas

decorative bamboo poles hallway decoration ideas

decorative bamboo poles creative lamp design home lighting


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