Innovative LED Table Design By Leading Artist Ingo Maurer

Ingo Maurer LED table design

LED lighting has been transforming the way we illuminate homes and gardens for quite some time now, but how about this for a novel idea.  This remarkable table design actually incorporates fascinating LED lights into its surface.  The design is by Ingo Maurer and this clever idea has produced an innovative dining table design which is both fascinating and functional.

Art and Innovative LED Table design By The Leading Artist Ingo Maurer

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Threaded through the transparent surface of this stylish table is a cluster of twinkling LED lights.  The table top resembles a starry night sky when illuminated. It provides a subtle but dramatic focal point for entertaining family and friends or an instantly romantic ambience for intimate dinners for two.

Innovative LED Table Design

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The basic table design is uncomplicated and minimalist in structure.  A rectangular toughened glass surface rests on two uncomplicated black steels supports.  However, the severe angularity of the table is softened by the random configuration of the miniature LED lamps.  This table is sturdy in form and very durable, but the transparent qualities of its surface combined with the tantalizing network of pinpoint lights imbue it with a delicate quality.  Imagine this table at night in a darkened room the effect must be positively mystical.

Form and Function fuse in this Innovative LED table design

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The creator of this innovative LED table design is the celebrated artist Ingo Maurer who specializes in designing with light.  He has already received numerous design awards for his inventive and beautiful ideas and his work is regularly featured in prestigious international exhibitions.  These include the Pompidou Centre and the Cartier Foundation in Paris, the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and the MOMA in New York.

LED Table Design Inspiration

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This example shows how serious design can also incorporate a sense of fun and ‘Joie de Vivre’!  Nevertheless, although playful in spirit, a table like this will come with a very serious price tag as this artist’s designs are produced as strictly limited editions.

Ingo Maurer Innovative LED Table Design


Futuristic LED Table Design

futuristic luminous table idea by Ingo Maurer


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