The bedroom as a living room


Modern decorative elements in the bedroom

The bedroom can be more than a place, where we just sleep and don’t spend any other part of our time in.

If enough time is given to making the furnishing decisions, this room can transform into a cozy place during the daytime, as well. The arrangement of the interior elements determines the functionality of the room. If the area of the room is spacious enough, a table, chairs and soft furniture can be present, as well, for better comfort. Having decorative elements and technological devices is a question of preference. The room should not be overcrowded with too much technology and decorations, however, sufficient space can always be given for decorative elements. Elements, such as paintings, tapestries and porcelain figures don’t take up too much space and give diversity to the interior configuration.

Minimalist white bed


Minimalist bedroom with white bed

Main furnishing elements are the bed, the night tables and the wardrobe. Taking into account the available space, you can choose the classic bed for two, or choose a folding sofa, if the room is smaller in area. Folding sofas are compact in structure, which makes them the preferred option in terms of architecture and space.

Bedroom with night tables

Night tables are meant for giving comfort and cosiness, and thus their colour range usually varies in the light, relaxing nuance range. White, pale yellow and the light nuances of blue, purple and green are among the most common decisions. The wardrobe must be big enough to fit in all frequently used clothes, and well arranged for better comfort.

Bedroom in green color


Beautiful bedroom in green color

The colour range has a key role in establishing a cozy and harmonious atmosphere. The green colour is known to act soothingly to the senses. Since the walls create the background of the entire place, they are the first element, which is to be considered. If you prefer a single colour range composition, pale green is a suitable nuance. Another option is wallpapers, which combine light and dark tones of green.

Modern bedroom furniture


Modern furniture and decoration in the bedroom

Warm, light tones and decorative patterns are suitable for the furniture and curtains. The floor covering should be of a material, naturally holding warmth. Parquet is appropriate for this purpose. Thick carpets with contrastingly combined colours are suitable for bedrooms. If the interior elements are carefully correlated, the room can turn into a place, where a good part of the day is spent.

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