Make your bedroom Feng Shui

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Make your bedroom Feng Shui


Feng Shui bedroom design

How to Make our bedroom Feng Shui? The bedroom is the most personal space in the home. It is to relax after a busy day. Family bedroom should be comfortable and to inspire peace and harmony. Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui teaches people how to prosper by properly arranging the furniture in the house.The bed is the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom. Where great importance is placed in the room. Feng Shui puts several bans on the position of the bed and it is wise to be respected. Should be avoided over the heads of people lying to a window. Bedroom Feng Shui rule it that the  bed should not be in line between the door and window.

Canopy bed


Canopy bed for Feng Shui bedroom

This is practical Bedroom Feng Shui advice for all architects and interior designers, whether they comply with the requirements of Chinese philosophy for the Feng Shui in our Bedroom. Another taboo is to be in bed at the bottom of the sloped ceiling or a beam. Canopy can be used for protection, if no other opportunity in the room. Not allowed to bed is positioned so that the supine legs to show people the door. Experts say it is draining the lifeblood of the people. If this position cannot be overcome, it is better to have lower bed boards or any barrier. It is recommended that a person can see the door. If this rule is not met with any noise people think that someone enters. The best place is the bed is diagonally across the door near the opposite wall for perfect Bedroom Feng Shui.

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