Make Feng Shui design in kids room

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Make Feng Shui design in kids room


Feng Shui kids bedroom

All parents want their children to be healthy, happy and successful. Help this happen by doing Feng Shui design in the kids room. Project on the requirements of Chinese philosophy does not require many resources. Have sufficient knowledge of Feng Shui and imagination.Kids room is the solar home. It is a place where small sleep, study, plays with friends. Collection of different functions in one room to room requires a spacious and cozy. Preferred are natural materials.

Feng Shui kids furniture

Experts advise of Feng Shui furniture are bright and rounded forms. Dark and bulky items suppress the energy of children.Bunk beds save space, but not recommended by Feng Shui. The explanation is that the child who sleeps below is in a subordinate position. Subconsciously child of the upper bunk is placed in a more favorable position. A good option is to have the bed to the wall. This situation creates a security and protection. It is the space under the bed is free.

Feng Shui decoration

Feng Shui experts recommend not head over to the sleeping child to have cabinets. From the bed to be seen the door. It should not be placed on the line between the window and door and below the lowest part of the sloped ceiling.It is the decoration of the room to comply with the temperament of children. If they are distracted and slow is good to have bright accents in the room. Back-aggression is reduced by warm and pastel colors. Decoration and paintings in the room must be selected with the participation of children. They enjoy them and give them a sense of calm.

Painting decoration


Painting decoration in Feng Shiu kid bedroom

The best decorations are paintings and objects made by children or their prizes. It is good to have mirrors in the kids room, especially if they reflect the bed.Ideally, the position of the desk is that it is up to the window and the sunlight is on the left side. Chair to the desk is not a back door to avoid tension. If it is not possible to avoid this position, hang the bells on the door. They will issue a gentle sound when someone opens the door. Not recommended for children to look at a busy street, so as not to distract.

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Kids Feng Shui bedroom


Kids Feng Shui bedroom

 Modern Feng Shui room


Feng Shui kids bedroom


Double Feng Shui kids bedroom

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