Furnishing a small children’s bedroom


Minimalist orange child room

Children spend most of their time at home in their own room. That’s why it is essential for it to be comfortable and pleasant.
When the area of the room is smaller, this is more difficult to achieve. The way of arranging the room should be thought out better. Sufficient free space is essential for children. The furniture and various possessions should be arranged accordingly. The bed is often changed, since its size and configuration depends entirely on the child’s age. The best placement for it is next to the wall, so it would take up less space.

Small children room


Small children room with twin beds

A good idea is twin beds, if the room is shared by two kids. The other necessary elements are a wardrobe, a cupboard and a chest of drawers. If the area of the room is smaller, one of them can be replaced by stands of shelves, attached directly to the wall. The large wardrobe can be replaced by a portable one.

Child room with desk


Minimalist computer desk in the child room

The computer desk should be next to the window, so that there will be full advantage of the in-coming daylight. Constructions should be simpler in size, so as to take up less space. Folding arm-chairs can be used.
The child must have a separate place for keeping his favorite toys and possessions. A single corner of the room is enough for this purpose, where everything the child chooses can be put on shelves, in order to avoid chaos.
Lighting is of the greatest importance. The room must be well lit and spacious. The windows should be able to accommodate sufficient light during the day time. The synthetic lighting needs to be equally spread out by pendant light fittings, built in a false ceiling. Other options are bracket lights, desk night-lamps and one central light source of the ceiling.

Child room with parquet


Modern small child room with parquet

The best choice for the floor covering is wood, whether the parquet is laminated, or not. These are warm coverings during the winter. Terracotta is also an option, since it is easy to clean. However, it keeps the floor cold in the winter months, so there need to be special heating plans, in this type of floor covering is chosen. Wall covering also vary in options.

Child room with wallpaper


Light small child room with wallpaper

Wallpapers are suitable for a children’s bedroom, as they create a cozy atmosphere in the room. The colors must be light, warm, sunny and cheerful. Light colors make the room seem bigger.
The main concern is that the place be cozy, well lit and pleasant, so that the child feels comfortable in spending time there.

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