Floor and wall coverings in the bedroom

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Floor and wall coverings in the bedroom


Modern white bedroom design

The bedroom is the place, which should have an atmosphere of home cosiness and calmness, which are necessary for a good night’s rest. For this purpose, not only the furnishing configuration and lighting conditions, but also the floor and wall coverings have an effect. Every choice of a floor covering is suitable. Parquet insures warmth and a pleasant outlook to the room. The laminated parquet is easier to maintain. Another option is a wall carpet, it is hard to maintain, however, since the room is not to be used throughout the day, it is an appropriate covering, because of the warm and cosy atmosphere it creates.

Modern bedroom design


Modern bedroom design with terracotta flooring

Other options for floor coverings include terracotta and granite. These coverings are cold, but with suitable carpets, rugs or other floor cloth, this downside can be excluded. They are easy to maintain, beautiful and adding to the room’s general outlook. The choice for wall coverings is also diverse. Wallpapers are most suitable, as they create a soothing atmosphere, especially in combination with the appropriate decorative objects. The choice of wallpapers is diverse not only in terms of colour, but also in terms of material, as well. Apart from paper wallpapers, textile ones can also be chosen. Silk wallpapers would be most suitable for this room.

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