Bed design by Hästens

The word comfort has a whole new meaning

Bedroom furniture design by Hastens

Hastens offers the most extraordinary bed designs in the world. The word comfort has a whole new meaning. With the unique usage of unconventional but natural materials, Hastens becomes the top bed designer in the world, when it comes to comparison with others.Having a comfortable bed is a top priority today in this fast-paced world.

When stress is a huge part of our day we want to come home and feel a comfortable and safe environment where we can be fully rested and at peace. That’s why Hastens has been developing a solution for more than a century, looking for the right „recepy“ of a good night sleep. And after thorough research and numerous experiments it has come up with the ultimate solution – a handmade bed created entirely with natural materials.

Having a natural sleep in a natural bed by Hastens is like being born again. It is an amazing sensation that cannot be described with words, it has to be felt.

Bedroom furniture  bed design by Hastens

What makes Hastens‘ beds so incredibly unique and world-wide renowned as the best beds on the face of the Earth? For instance the usage of horsehair in the matres is actually a perfect ventilation system… A blend of cotton and wool with a personally developed technique makes the bed more flexible, it is very comfortable and gentle to the skin. It also keeps the body temperature at its best throughout the whole night. A 100% top quality cotton, free of any chemicals makes the bed more comfortable and gentle. To reduce the twisting and the turning during the night, Hastens has developed a special technique with pocket springs to relieve the pressure of the bood for a good night sleep.The support comes from top quality steel springs used on the lower part of the bed to make the structure more safe and strong for years ahead. Flax in combination with the horsehair is used to remove the moisture from the body, as a soundproof, and also reduces static electricity.

Hastens‘ beds – definately the best in the world.

Bedroom furniture design collection by Hastens

Bedroom design - bed design by Hastens


bedroom furniture design Hastens

bedroom furniture design Hastens - round bed

Hastens bedroom furniture bed

Hastens bedroom furniture



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