Small bedroom under the stars


Small bedroom design

Inadequate living space necessary to seek new opportunities. One of the most popular options is to utilize the space under the roof of the family house.

Thus the “forgotten” ceiling, which kept old and unnecessary items can be a great bedroom.Before starting the transformation of the ceiling in a room is necessary to prepare the necessary building permit and architectural plan. In some cases the roof is raised. This increases the effective area and bevel become smaller.To become a cozy room in the ceiling, it is necessary prior to carrying out the necessary repairs.You can replace outdated staircase with more convenient. A good solution is to make the roof waterproofing and heat insulation with glass wool. This will prevent the room from the high temperatures in summer and cold in winter.

Attic bedroom design


Attic bedroom design

Often insulation is placed on the wood paneling. It increases the effect of the insulation boards. Furthermore, the tree adds warmth and coziness of the room. In combination with white walls, the room is bright and spacious suggests. One large or several small attic window on the roof provides adequate natural light the room. The number and size of windows depends on the size of the attic.The beauty of the attic is that the deficiencies are becoming effects. In the niches of the sloped roofs can be installed great chests for clothes. The vertical support columns divide the space and separated individual areas. A window on the roof watching the stars.

Small attic bedroom furnishing

The furnishing of the room under the roof must be simple. This volume is not suitable furniture. It is they are low and fewer to provide more space. Comfortable bed can be placed in one of the niches in the wall. So it will take less than the effective area and space for people. Practical solution is on both sides of the bed are mounted chests. They both create insulated exterior walls and at the same time serve to store belongings.Transformed ceiling can accommodate a teenager and to provide a private room. Then the design must comply with the young inhabitant. The walls are covered with posters of popular actors and musicians. You need to find a place for music and video system for the PC.

Modern bedroom


Modern bedroom design

Modern small attic bedroom


Modern small attic bedroom

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