Sleep on the beach, sleep in the bedroom – almost the same

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Sleep on the beach, sleep in the bedroom – almost the same



Sea wallpaper murals in the bedroom

There are people who are connected with the seaside since their birth. This is not karma. It has nothing to do with the horoscope sign, either. It is only big love, a relationship you cannot hide or reject. These people admit their devotion to the sea even in the way they organize their home. Sleeping on the beach is transferring into sleeping in the bedroom that looks like a seaside. The whole wall is covered with wallpaper murals that illustrate one deep, deep sea bed. Fishes, duckweed, wrack, corals, mussels, star-fishes on the photo are absolutely enough for a decoration idea in your gorgeous bedroom that will remind you of summer during all cold months in winter. Actually, wracks on the wallpaper-murals can be perfectly combined with a green plant in classic wooden or white plastic plant pot. All colors can be found in the seaside bedroom, but green, blue and brown gets the priority in the room.

Beige bedroom design


Exclusive bedroom interior design

Pavement of the bedroom is brown or beige, too. Wooden parquet or simple floor-cloth reminds you of the hot sand. To make the atmosphere even more authentic, you can install floor heating – turn it on the maximum of volume.

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